The Karmic Margin Call Project

Do you have a role to play in bridging societal and cultural gaps in understanding?
Are you done COMPETING with others who should be working WITH you?
Is it TIME for your life mission to become easier and more fun?
Most people are not aware that an EQUAL PARTNERSHIP ECONOMY (EPE) is being created. An EPE reallocates global wealth based on the TIME you are already committing to your passion projects, in service to others, and within focus groups developing projects which benefit humanity.
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You may visit our Virtual Services Time Bank through hOurworld Co-ops by clicking here.
We are now taking applications for our Virtual Services Time Bank. If you are interested in being a part of our Leadership Team, CLICK HERE to fill out an application. (The application will ask for 2 references. One reference will ideally be from a current member of the Karmic Margin Call Project, the other will be from a friend, colleague or potential partner you wish to invite to serve on the leadership team with you. Applicants from outside the US may place the nation abbreviation instead of the residence state.)
This domain is the future site of The Karmic Margin Call Project, a publicly-owned proprietorship implementing Reverse Market Mechanics to redirect wealth into specialized partnerships. Click here to view the full presentation of “The 5-Year Plan to Reverse Engineer the Economy”
The Karmic Margin Call Project seeks to become a publicly-owned time bank implementing Reverse Market Mechanics which redirects global capital into specialized partnerships. By combining Time Banking with Reverse Market Mechanics, our mission is to create an Equal Partnership Economy through fellowship, service and education efforts. This will lead to saving millions of lives per year while increasing the emotional quality of life. The purpose of our Time Bank is to offer free educational services in exchange for Time Dollars for the purposes of establishing of a publicly-owned Service Market and Equal Partnership Economy. We especially seek to attract teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, and independent services providers to collaborate within in a new economy. Reverse Market Mechanics uses a simple equation (“The 2×2 Algorithm”) to redirect banking resources and capital. The effort synergizes the efforts of independent service providers to raise the value of human resources and social capital while systematically deflating the value of exploited material resources. This creates an opportunity to chargeback the compound interest on global banking, offering the service provider direct access to previously inaccessible financial reserves. To begin understanding “Reverse Market Mechanics”, we encourage you to review “The 2×2 Algorithm: The Experiment Proving Your Life Impacts a Million Others” along with the 27 hours of footage addressing facilitation, collaboration, and economic reform.
The Karmic Margin Call Project helps facilitate the service-providers’ efforts through developing and marketing small workshops to raise “fractals”. “Fractals” are $1-$25 voluntary donations generated by the service provider for extending free services which are reinvested into our partners’ projects. These are distributed from membership donations and the sale of informational content created by our Time Bank members. The automation of such an Equal Partnership Economy will be created within the next ten years with your help as a partner.
THE 2×2 FILM: An introduction to the real life story leading to the Karmic Margin Call and Reverse Market Mechanics. (Click on the HERE to go to the film.)
THE 2×2 ALGORITHM GUIDEBOOK AND FACILITATION MASTERCLASS: The Guidebook provides over 20 hours of a video masterclass in three layers. The first layer is how to attain group cohesion through six conversations required to deepen relationships. The second layer is a tutorial on how to log hours in our time banking system for taking the class. The third is a presentation of how leverage time as an asset to generate a seven-figure return for your services while going from a $300 trillion debt-based economy toward a $1 to $5 quadrillion service economy.
Introducing the “2×2: Make Art, Not War” Pitch Film. The first 10 minutes of the 2×2 Film (currently on hold) may be viewed here:
For production stills and shooting script, please click here. SOME HISTORY ABOUT THE KARMIC MARGIN CALL PROJECT: “Philadelphia based documentary film promises economic equality by 2030. This will be accomplished by teaching the viewer how to ‘short-sell’ war through authenticity and creativity.”
For more information on the 2×2 Documentary, CLICK HERE. Full 2×2 Press Kit and public relations information available by CLICKING HERE. More on The Karmic Margin Call Project.
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