2×2: Make Art, Not War

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The Karmic Margin Call Project in association with Not On My Watch Productions presents “2×2: Make Art, Not War”.

“War is over, if you want it.” ~ John Lennon

Philadelphia, 2020.

Mike and Laura have one last chance to have a baby. The price for the needed IVF procedure? $30,000. Due to cost of living, student debt, medical bills, and being recently terminated from his job, Mike proposes a radical idea to raise the money: Create an education-based “stock” market which short-sells the inflated capital invested in war efforts.

But why stop there? Why not make a documentary film which proposes to end hunger and poverty while defunding the war effort?

There are 3 goals:

1. Make a Baby.

2. Raise $50,000 to Produce the Film.

3. Initiate 1 Million Emotionally Intelligent Conversations.

As Mike explores his thesis of “short-selling” interest in conflict, we follow his theatrical exploits within the mental health, academic and homeless communities. Presenting “The Wizard of Iz”, a play about suicide and bullying, Mike and his theater company Not On My Watch Productions, introduces deep conversations with the audience. He encounters veterans with their own war-stories within these communities to find out every individual has something of infinite value to share with the world. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. This is the foundation for establishing a Service and Education Market Economy.

As the conversation is passed on “2 at a time”, all donors are asked to pitch in at least $1 and then “pay the conversation forward”. The audience is asked to “reach out to two people.” They can be loved ones, colleagues, friends, or even someone you have a disagreement with (if you are really brave.) Ask each other three questions: What needs to be said which you feel hasn’t been heard? How can I better support you? What are we going to differently tomorrow now that we had this conversation today?

“If you find value in the conversation, then all I ask is that you ‘pay it forward’ to two other people. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. Eight becomes sixteen. If this continues consistently for 20 days, then that is one million new emotionally intelligent conversations. Please consider funding our project, and the film will provide the education needed to give all viewers the essential information for participating in a service and education-based economy. This will end poverty and world hunger.” That is the concept of “2×2” or #2x2Effect.

Should the couple be successful, the conception of their child might represent the birth of a new reality, one where we all see each other as equal partners free from a hierarchical corporatocracy.

The documentary film also proposes to answer the question: Does a second-grade math problem hold the key to achieving economic equality for all people?

“The Wizard of Iz” by Janet Berkowitz

Preview Video

Courtesy of Not On My Watch Productions


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