RogueCo: First Blog, Part 1

The #JustAskRippleEffect Online Conversation


***Let’s have a little fun with algorithms this morning. The proceeding is a blog I have posted on, a social media platform like Facebook/Twitter which offers income through shared cryptocurrency for creating content on the forum. I have over 900 friends on Facebook, but only 10 on (2 of whom I know personally as of this writing.) I posted a similar blog on Facebook 2 years ago, but it barely registered a blip. It will be interesting to see what kind of conversation is sparked this time around in comparison to the conversation. My understanding is that there are approximately 1.86 billion users on Facebook, only about 2 million on To be fair, I will invest $10 on both platforms to “Boost” this post.


The game presented in the blog is based on my “Question Circle” concept for creating synergistic conversations. Marta Reis and I presented a similar concept in a workshop at Brown University a few weeks ago as part of our Strategy Innovation Group initiative ( My expectation is that this post will go relatively unnoticed but hope stirring up the waters like this will make a difference. Hope this won’t land me in “Facebook Jail” Lol!


Here is the link to the blog.


Let’s try this and see where the conversation goes.


1.      The posted video serves as a meditation. No need to try to figure it out, just watch it with a relaxed mind and think of the most important question you want to ask.


May 3



2.      Think of any question you want – practical, political, or philosophical – and then post it in the comments section. The question may be as general or as specific as you would like to make it. The more you think about your question the more powerful this activity will be for you. After you post, I will provide a hashtag of your question with a number — i.e. the first question will be #JustAskRippleEffect1, Question #33 would be #JustAskRippleEffect33, and so on. I will number the questions as I see them between and Facebook. 


3.      If you want to see a paradigm shift happen: FIRST, ask 2 other people if they might want to participate. THEN, tag them in the comments section of your question. Feel free to share this post as well.


4.      Review the questions posted in the comments section. You may help other questioners out by answering any question(s) you want or feel compelled to answer. Your answer may be logical, intuitive, or creative. Please carefully read any question that you answer. What matters most in this game is that you are fully present when you read the question before answering.


This activity is intended to spark meaningful online conversations with each other.


I’ll post my question in the comments section to lead things off and will tag Marta Reis ( User ID @Visionality) and Jason Szabo (@JasonTSzabo) to enter any question they want.



Have fun!



Mike “Rogue Counselor” Shoeman



P.S. For those wondering, there is a sequel activity planned based on the outcome of this conversation which will be cleverly titled, RogueCo: First Blog, Part 2.


*First question on the comments:

Question # 1: What does the #JustAskRippleEffect video have to do with redistributing global wealth? Is it possible to redistribute this wealth back into the hands of 99% of the global population? #JustAskRippleEffect1

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