The 2×2 Film

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A short film by Michael Shoeman

The year is 2009. A homeless man wakes up from a recurring dream.

He dreams of interacting with his future self exploring how the critical mind kills ideas before having a chance to emerge.

Two years into his homelessness he finds a mobile phone in his pocket. It is technology from ten years in the future.

Upon taking the call, the man discovers a knowledge about how to end poverty and war on the planet. He attempts to instruct his future self from the year 2021 — an actor in a homemade film who has no recollection that he is following a script. Together they create universes, explore the future, and ask deeper questions such as “What is liberation of the human spirit?”

The 2×2 film serves a primer to the 2×2 Algorithm and a creative introduction to regenerative economics. 2×2 was produced on no budget with only time banking volunteer hours.


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