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(*This blog is a work in progress. More useful content will be added in 2017. Today it is more important to declare independence from the parameters of perfection and simply share some thoughts. Perfection, legitimacy even, is not the priority. Please excuse my appearance and disorganization at this time while making the statement that “I Am”.)

What is the Rogue Counselor blog about any way?

The Rogue Counselor is here to help. Weight loss, exercise, personal motivation or just a laugh – he’s here to be a life coach.

..,and a calorie-counting vampire, tough guy, super hero and time-traveling doctor.

Actually, you’ll soon find out the man who calls himself “The Rogue Counselor” has multiple personalities and a lame set of super powers. He tries, he fails. But the man behind the hood is a reminder that no matter how incompetent you think your efforts are, you might just might find yourself accomplishing something by mistake.





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