“2×2: Make Art, Not War” by The Karmic Margin Call Project (Press Kit)


“2×2: Make Art, Not War”

Philadelphia-based documentary film promises economic equality by 2030 by teaching viewers how to “short-sell” war.


“2×2: Make Art, Not War” is a Kickstarter campaign attempting to raise $50,000 to produce a documentary film teaching the viewer how to, according to producer Michael Shoeman, “Short-sell the trillions of dollars invested in war by offering new works of art and through education.”


Shoeman is part of a small team of innovation coaches and entrepreneurs producing the film calling themselves “The Karmic Margin Call Project”.

“There is little known value which each and every one of us possess called ‘Social Capital’. This value has been exploited and diminished due to an inflated war market as well as global leadership focusing on creating a polarizing effect. The reversal is really quite simple,” says Shoeman. “The solution is to create a ‘Service and Education Economy’ using mathematical principles which recognizes everyone as equal partners – regardless of their level of professional development.”


But, with such an emotionally polarizing political and social environment, how do we even start a conversation like this?


Shoeman advises in the 17-minute Pitch Film, “Reach out to friend, loved one, colleague or partner. Or, if you are really brave, reach out to someone with whom you have had a disagreement. Ask each other three questions:


“1) What do you have to say that you feel has not been heard?

2) How might we better support each other?

3) What are we going to do differently tomorrow after having this conversation today?”


These conversations, filtered through the context of those three questions, help bridge the socio-economic gaps between “Socialism” and “Capitalism”. “What do you have to say…?” helps identify a person’s social capital. “How might we better support each other?” adds value to this identified social capital. “What are we going to do differently tomorrow…?” provides the actionable intelligence needed to bridge the gaps in misunderstanding and attract income.


According to KarmicMarginCall.com (the “Future Domain” of the fledgling production company) the business model already exists for creating economic equality. However, the business model exists in fragments waiting to be put together with innovative approaches like the conversations generated by the 2×2 film.


“To understand the business model, think ‘Time Bank’ meets ‘Acorns” with a very strong influence from ‘Meetup’. Prospective partners looking to collaborate with us in these early stages of the Project are encouraged to study those three business models and join our Linked In group. The final 2×2 film will serve as our ‘on-boarding tool’ for involving stakeholders – artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and service providers – who might find reviewing a business plan daunting.”


“The concept of ‘2×2’ is really simple, but requires an emotional journey,” asserts Shoeman. “The psychology of the concept explores the method of Time Banking, but the financial reallocation is more reminiscent to the science of binary fission.”


The film’s proposed story line will feature the results generated from the three-question conversations. Shoeman asks anyone who takes part in these emotionally intelligent conversations to “just go back to our Kickstarter page and donate $1 if you have found value. Then, ‘pay it forward’ to two others. By that method, two becomes four, four becomes eight, etc. It doesn’t sound like much, but if the 2×2 conversations happen consistently every day for 20 days, then it makes one million new conversations.”


“2×2: Make Art, Not War” will also feature Shoeman’s personal story of raising the funding as a filmmaker after being recently terminated from his job, raising a special needs child, and attempting to fund a needed IVF procedure to birth a second child with his wife, Laura, an art therapist. The film will also follow Not on My Watch Productions, a traveling theater company discussing suicide and bullying in schools, mental health facilities, social and spiritual communities. The troupe performs a play called “The Wizard of Iz” to initiate healing conversations with war veterans, suicide survivors, and adolescents.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on February 3, 2020. The campaign is an “all-or-nothing” attempt to raise $50,000 to produce the final version of the documentary film.


All interested parties, partners, investors and press are encouraged to email inquires to admin@karmicmargincall.com.


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