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What is “The Master” other than a psychological archetype we create out of our unconscious fear?

Why is “The Master” so emotionally insecure that we must never “outshine” him? What insecurities of our own are we projecting onto him?

If we acknowledge on the visceral level that there is “no master”, only “light” – does this make “outshining” not only possible but inevitable?

How does one emotionally become one with “The Light” in order to render the question of outshining anyone as absurd?

How does one “outshine” his own light except through transcending the limitation of a self-imposed master archetype?

Is true mastery about transcending the entire unconscious/conscious servant-master relationships within a self-imposed psycho-social hierarchy?

For the outside world to reflect our own level of subjective mastery, are these not the questions we should be considering?

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September 4, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 2: “Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies.”

The Misunderstanding: Individuals unhealed from their own “control dramas” place each other into categories of “friends” and “enemies”.

The Intercepting Thoughts:

Who is an “enemy” but an undisclosed friend with unhealed trauma? What traumas does your “enemy” inspire in you?

If you have truly healed from your own past trauma, what intrinsically is it that you could possibly “Trust” to either a friend or enemy that could ever hurt you?

What is an “enemy”? Are enemies simply two or more people acting out of either greed, lust, anger, despair or fear?

Are friends not the ones who naturally align with your own values of reason, love, joy and peace? Why would one not wish to trust this unconditionally, staying within this natural state, but out of fear?

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September 5, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 3: “Conceal your intentions.”

The Misunderstanding: Concealing an intention represents blocked energy. It is indicative of a separation between mind and heart, creating tension between one and the other. This tension will inevitably lead to a catharsis once the polar energies are forced to annihilate each other.

The Interception Thoughts:

Would overtly revealing your true intentions possibly attract the people and situations who can bring them to fruition? Would it attract greater honesty and clarity?

Does a concealed intention merely conceal a personal vulnerability?

What is it about our primal obsession with mystery and seduction? Do we hold that much skepticism for mankind that the obsessive quality of a secret can bring out the primal nature in people?

What if we truly believed and lived by the value that there truly is “nothing you can know that can’t be known”?

Would revealing your true intentions bring about a catharsis that has been avoided for a long duration?

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September 6, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 4: Always say less than necessary.


The Reversal: Say what you need to say with relevance and authenticity. Intentionally withholding genuine expression limits this.

The Intercepting Thoughts:

What is it costing you by not going deeper with what you feel you NEED to say?

Is saying less and leaving an impression of mystery limiting what is possible in an


Does not saying what is necessary limit authentic expression? What is the cost of not cultivating authenticity?

Is what is ‘not being said’ possibly at the root of some of the global issues we are seeing?

Is there a truth you are afraid of that might cause judgment from others if they knew full details? What does it take to forgive oneself of this truth?

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September 7, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power #5: “So much depends on reputation – guard it with your life.”


REVERSAL: Reputation is a burden costing one their own freedom of authenticity.

Who are you protecting your reputation for? (Oftentimes it is not for yourself.)

In what productive ways might you ‘destroy’ your reputation? What is the emotional release you are avoiding?

Are there those you love who are hidden within the shadows of your “reputation”? Why? What courage will it take to pull those relationships into the light?

Like “the master” (See Law #1) is your own reputation simply a projected illusion of unconscious fear? Does this question even make sense upon reading it? If not, it’s a good chance that it is.

Given today’s political climate, does ‘reputation’ even matter any more?

CLICK HERE for the Facebook conversation addressing Law # 5.

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