Rough Notes on Oneness and Multi-Dimensional Reality

9D Web




The “black hole” my friends are meditating on today is what I perceive at the intersection between 6th, 7th, and 8th densities. (Maybe 9th  as an expression of String Theory? More on that in a moment.) Referencing Barbara Hand Clow’s “The Pleadian Agenda” 7th density is described as a “sound/wave” experience and 8th density is a “light/particle” experience To me, this has to do with the movement of waves (7th) and particles (8th) creating paradox within the Void (or black hole.) As “creative consciousness”, our experience with the movement in the Void creates the wave/particle dynamic by observing our own energy, thus, manifesting “things” –- first in 6th density experience which trickles across our experience of multi-dimensional reality (not necessary “down” because “levels” really only exist within our cultural conditioning.)


The Question we ask someone is a “Big Bang” in itself, calling upon 9D when strings touch and activate the wave/particle paradox in 7 and 8 D (forming the Answer out of Oneness observation). This is how Creation/Destruction works in our day-to-day interaction of the Law of Attraction’s 3 steps of “Ask – Believe – Receive.” “Ask” (The Question) is 9 D, “Believe” is 7-8D, “Receive” is 6D perceived through the individual’s chosen filters of experiences within 1-5D. Consciousness takes perceived “chaos” (the wave function) and forms it into “order”  (particle function) – THIS is Creation. Consciousness IS the movement in the Void. Fringe scientists speculate the black holes recreates the creative impulse as “Strings” touching within multidimensional reality creating other Big Bangs and, therefore, other Universes. Yes, parallel Universes are formed by deep conversation with deep questions. The deep Question forms a density of matter allowing for Strings to touch.


Muti-Dimensional Reality is experienced through asking a new Question thus creating a “Big Bang” in 9D, once again, causing strings to touch. If One can recall the deep questions asked within a lifetime span, one can experience a multiverse in a 5D experience. This can bring Unity and healing to our mental-emotional mechanism.


Each individual person represents their own “Universe” and when powerful questions are exchanged “Universes”  literally touch. It’s the same concept of strings touching to create new Universes. The deeper the question, the more powerful the “black hole”.


Spider Medicine


Spiders represent symbol of infinity: eight legs, even the form of a spider resembles the number Eight. Eight turned to it’s side is the sign of Infinity. Eighth density represents the wave of sound collapsing into the particle of light.


The web spirals out from the Source (or maybe spiraling in depending on your perspective) forming the Cho-Ku-Rei. This is a 2nd  to 3rd Density expression of how multidimensional reality can be perceived. Light reflects off of the strands in the web as early man is said to have created the alphabet from Grandmother Spider’s  woven creation. Our alphabet, used to create stories, was born from the web. The web represents the emergence of sound and light as humans assigned sound frequencies to each pattern perceived by the light reflected the web. This is where 7th and 8th dimensions meet to form communication while creating the observable patterns of sacred geometry and the 6th dimension reality of Oneness with all perceived creation.


Does 9th dimensional reality really exist as the next octave of 8D? My intuition tells me that “9D” is simply the movement in the Void – strings touching, Big Bangs igniting and represents Universes appearing and disappearing. But, then again, I only am describing the phenomena in my “Universe”. What do you think? Are strings touching when you read this?


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