The Last War: Reverse Psychology and the Laws of Power


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This blog is intended to be a conversation.

Today I am organizing some of my thoughts before I break all 48 laws of power. Robert Greene’s book has sort of served as a recruitment tool for those seeking alignment to “Service to Self” while on the path to personal glory and wealth. It is my intention to pull these “laws” into the light as “Service to Others” to help understand the psychology of manipulation.

These “laws” represent the unconscious mantras which bind together the agents who follow them, however, they have a fatal flaw — they presuppose that the human being is incapable of confront their shadow courageously. All of the laws are an attempt to deny one’s greatest capacity to transcend the ego and feel emotions through higher vibrations. In short, the laws of power are mental blocks delaying the inevitable — the catharsis of Oneness and transcending the of the entire psychological hierarchical system.

Breaking these subliminal “Laws of Power” is an act of rebellion. It is a statement that says “I am exploring a different way toward justice that business and politics, even if willing, are unable to provide.” To most of you reading, my words are meaningless; I accept that. In fact, understanding the threshold between “Service to Others” (STO) and “Service to Self” (STS) is that with STO, “what is” can be accepted and embraced. Within the confines of STS psychology, there is a constant battle attempting to force others (as well as life itself) to conform to your expectations. I equate this to the futile attempt of punching a tidal wave while refusing to learn how to surf. An emotional catharsis is coming for you no matter which “side” you are choosing.

My life is insignificant to someone else’s ego; that is also something I accept. Those in STS seek to make their lives more significant than others. Yet the STS advocates are constantly trying to gain control over STO’s.

So I write, I post, I reflect. Today I am breaking “Law # 20: Do not commit to anyone”:  My commitment is to “Team Service to Others” — to everyone, especially to my sisters and brothers following the STO path. Those who value STO’s are the ones tending to the wounded and casualties during the ongoing and perpetual war waged between STS against others aligned with STS. As STO’s, we are the “rogues”.

All is an act of rebellion to STS because my purpose in writing is an attempt for inclusion, acceptance, and an invitation to let the deeper meaning found lead us toward natural action and change. There is nothing “manufactured” in an STO experience; it is a natural as Oneness expresses Itself.

In writing these “counter-questions” to each law of power, I am observing another of Greene’s works — “The 33 Strategies of War” — which I will reference during the Facebook conversations. It is my hope that others will begin to see the great psychological war unfold as I have. Therefore, I am also taking Bruce Lee, a master psycho-philosophical strategist, as my role model and “fight back with my mind. You will hear references to my own hybrid terms like “Philosophical Jeet Kune Do” and “way to the intercepting thought” to counter each law with my own questions. It is my intention to interrupt the “STS thoughts” — The 48 Laws of Power — with questions dedicated to STO’s. This is where allegiances may be revealed to self or overturned when the reader examines his or her own thoughts.

There is in reality only one definable “war”: The psychological war on the mind waged by less than 1% of the global “elitist” population attempting to keep 7.5 billion people under psycho-emotional control. This is done through compartmentalization using subjective propaganda as methodology.

The illusion is that there is also a war between “Fear” (those dedicated to service to self) and “Love” (those dedicated to the service of others.) But also in reality this “war” only exists between Fear (those serving self) vs. Fear (others dedicated to service of self) with those serving Love tending to the wounded and casualties of those mostly unconsciously engaged in the Fear vs. Fear conflict.

Those who are truly aligned with “Service to Others” will know that the war between the elite and rest of the global population is the only true global conflict. Yet even within the ranks of “The Elite” are those who wish to betray their own alignment, to give selflessly. Those who align with “Service to Self” either consciously or unconsciously support and buy into the manufactured “groups” or “factions” fighting against each other.

It is my intention to help clarify what this “last war” is truly about. One can identify if they fall on the side of “Service to Self” or “Service to Others” by the factions they choose to align with. The factions serve those who are emotionally disconnected by providing a mental game that both entertains and fulfills the needs for emotional detachment. When you are emotionally detached, it “ain’t no big thing” to fund both sides of a “war on drugs”, or “the war on human exploitation”, or war in general. Eventually it’s not just about the profits and numbers, it’s about the psychological control one has to gain by pulling the financial strings. However, “Frankenstein’s Monster” is reaching a threshold and point of catharsis. For example, if someone has grown up in a culture where pedophilia, domestic abuse, or killing is generally accepted, then this person will give little thought to using such tactics in administering support for or revenge on those who also participate in the acts. But there comes the inevitable catharsis where the mind must reconcile with disconnection with one one’s own emotions which is the inseverable connection one has to others.

The purpose of my breaking the “48 Laws of Power”, and for writing these meditations, is to embolden and empower those have already chosen allegiance to “Service to Others”. It is also my hope that those consciously considering switching allegiances from “Service to Self” to “Service to Others” will find greater motivation to do so. It is also my hope that the line will be more clearly defined and recognizing those whose allegiances are “Service to Self” will also be more easily revealed.

Reading these meditations are an act of peace through personal catharsis. It takes time and attention to truly listen and ask yourself the critical questions to verify or change allegiances. The reason why people feel momentarily satisfied by, say, joining a protest but then left unsatisfied as the world continues on like “business as usual” is because validation of action is made from “without”, from external sources. For a true catharsis, and therefore a changing of allegiance to happen, one must make the psychological shift from receiving validation from within, from one’s own internal compass, rather than from without. Validation from a faction (religion, gender, country, corporation, secret society, etc.) becomes a low priority and true “service to others” can commence. One can move up Maslow’s hierarchy from “esteem needs” to self-actualization.

Now I invite you to CLICK HERE to discuss the first 5 Laws of Power.

In Service,

Mike “Rogue Counselor” Shoeman

2 thoughts on “The Last War: Reverse Psychology and the Laws of Power

  1. Well Keep on studying you will find out that the US that you believe in went bankrupt in 1933 there is no more UNITED STATES THE COUNTRY IT IS NOW A CORPORATION ,A CORPORATION CAN NOT OWN ME UNLESS I CONTRACT WITH IT TO BE OWNED .!!A CORPORATION CALLED ( THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA )And it operates in America FREE COUNTRY!If WE THE PEOPLE don’t stand up for our human rights we will lose them!

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    1. I certainly agree with that, Thomas. Corporations are meant to be impersonal by design and reduces the “human factor” to feature and not a benefit. “Service to Others” is about acknowledging a life and basic entitlement of human rights. Thank you so much for sharing.


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