Breaking the Laws of Power: 11-15


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September 17, 2017
Greene’s Law of Power # 11: “Learn to keep people dependent upon you.”
REVERSAL: Empowering another reveals your true value.
How would you feel about someone who set you free? How do you feel about someone who might be keeping you under a subtle form of servitude?
Have you ever felt the freedom of personal independence? What obligations come with interdependence over dependence?
Do you feel empowered when empowering another? Why or why not?
What if someone you were intentionally manipulating found out you were keeping them dependent upon you? Do you believe they would forgive you if all was revealed? Would you be able to forgive yourself?
Would asking for forgiveness come at too high a cost? What is forgiveness worth personally to you?
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September 18, 2017
Greene’s Law of Power # 12: “Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim.”
REVERSAL: ‘Selective’ honesty denies one from being completely honest with oneself.
Is this “law” possibly at the heart of the abundance of misinformation available? Is an effective deception rooted in some form of truth?
If one must be ‘selectively’ honest, how can does one empower oneself when complete honesty is denied? If the curated habit is of denying or suppressing empowering truths, then is this not reflective that one might not be completely honest with oneself?
Who is the true ‘victim’ – the one victimizing or the one being victimized? What is the cost of even thinking of another as a ‘victim’? What does this word truly imply?
Are we confusing ‘selective’ generosity with ‘focused’ generosity? If one is truly focused on another, does generosity of spirit not naturally flow as a byproduct?
If one is not honest with oneself, does this demonstrate a lack of power? How much power can one enjoy if they are a source of constant empowerment through generosity of honesty?
Is the goal to ‘disarm’ or to reveal? What strength does one truly have to gain from a disarmed partner? Does one reveal cowardice when facing a “disarmed victim” instead of an empowered friend?
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September 19, 2017
Greene’s Law of Power # 13: “When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest.”
REVERSAL: “Self” interest inevitably leads to egocentricity. Is the person in question ready to transcend this emotional treadmill?
Do those who you are asking for help only have an interest in self? Perhaps the help you are asking for comes with a greater cost beyond what they might have to offer.
What is “self” interest other than a possible emotional addiction? If this is the case, who truly has the power when asking for help?
Does appealing to someone’s self-interest have the potential to provide a ‘win-win’? Does anyone lose in this deal?
Why is asking for help so challenging? What vulnerability is revealed in yourself? Might this vulnerability be a potential strength?
Beyond what you perceive to be someone’s self-interest, do you sense a deeper need there? Is it possible to fulfill this need by asking someone for help?
Does the person in question truly know what their own deeper self-interest really is? What possibilities open up if you are able to openly talk about this?
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September 20, 2017
Greene’s Law of Power # 14: Pose as a friend, work as a spy.
THE REVERSAL: Observation and loyalty only requires one to be authentic in their intentions.
Does the one “posing” as a friend truly understand what the meaning of friendship truly is? Might this not be obvious that “posing” is not possible to those who truly know the meaning of friendship?
What rewards can truly be offered to a “spy” when social class structures are crumbling? Who does one truly have to report to when “spying”?
When one shares their observations openly, do they not make the transference from “spy” to “friend” naturally to those seeking wisdom above all else?
When complicating the line between “spy” and “friend”, is it not easy to conceive that many people have become lost to themselves within this process? Does this not further reveal that the only true deception is self-deception?
What is the dis-ease that causes one to value anything over pure friendships? Might this be the inherent and core issue to begin with – never having a true friend to begin with? How might one trust themselves enough to change that?
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September 21, 2017
Greene’s Law of Power # 15: Crush your enemy totally.
THE REVERSAL: Practice love and forgiveness toward what you disapprove about yourself.
Do you believe everything is energy? Can the natural essence of anyone truly be “crushed” or destroyed?
Does the mastery (crushing?) of one’s own ego allow one to convert the relationship with an adversary/enemy to ally/friend? Can one truly avoid being “crushed” by their own emotions if continuing along the path of egocentricity, and possibly, psychosis?
Have you examined the verb “crush”? Have you examined your own desire to “crush”, “kill”, “destroy” or “annihilate” anything in your consciousness? What is it that placed that desire there?
Is the desire to “crush” something or someone masking some of your deepest fears? What happens when these fears are pulled into the light of your own observation and self-reflection?
Is your “enemy” a potential partner or teacher? What happens AFTER you both attempt to “crush each other totally”? Does the act of being near death (psychologically or physically) change your perception of the enemy?
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