What is the #2x2Effect ?

What is the #2x2Effect?

Marianne Williamson speaks often about “deepening the conversation” and “co-creation”. This is our effort to start the conversation for co-creating an authentic democracy.

The conversation is one-sided: Media often dictates the content and tone. This event helps to level out the playing field and change the national narrative.


How to initiate and engage the compounded effect:

STEP 1.       Have the conversation. (This will start to deepen the national conversation.)

STEP 2.       Encourage your friends to have the same conversation with 2 others. (Engage the compounding effect.)

STEP 3.       Consider asking your friend to look at Williamson’s policy proposals and donate to continue to deepen the national conversation. (This will bring emotional intelligence to the national media and limit corporate-induced marginalization.)

Use the hash tags #IstandwithMarianne and #2x2Effect if you want to share on social media some of the discoveries from your conversations.


Have a conversation with a friend, loved one, colleague, or (if you are really brave!) someone you disagree with. Be sure to ask the following questions during your conversation:

  1. What needs to be said that has not been adequately heard. (Other questions might include: What is your intention? What would like to accomplish during this conversation? These questions provides focus, clarity, speed.)

  1. How can I support you? How can I better support you? (This question cultivates a service-minded mentality.)

  1. What are we going to do differently tomorrow now that we had this conversation today? (Other questions might include: What happens next? Where do we go from here? What actions are we going take tomorrow? These questions apply actionable intelligence and further focus to your deepened relationships.)


  1. To start and deepen the national conversation. Compartmentalization and marginalization are in full force now, so deepening the conversation is critical.

  1. Prepare for some #BigTruths we might not be able to hear or understand yet collectively.

  1. Help others understand the compounding impact of the #2x2Effect.


No one wants to be preached to anymore and told WHAT to think. We need a focus on “HOW” to think for a true democracy to be effective. Deep listening, asking powerful questions, and talking about what really matters away from the addictive nature of media is the first step. What we truly crave is someone asking us, “How can I support you?”

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