Breaking the Laws of Power: 6-10

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September 10, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 6: “Court attention at all cost.”

REVERSAL: Give attention unconditionally and freely.


What attention must you court which cannot be provided by the Source within?

Are you courting attention via a “Control Drama” (intimidation, interrogation, avoidance, or self-victimization which are acts of “Service to Self”) or by reversing control dramas (positive observation, powerful questions, empathy, or action-oriented initiative which are acts of “Service to Others”)?

Is the competition of courting attention worth it? Is it possible to court attention through gentle invitations for collaboration instead of competing to “steal” attention from another?

What does the term “win-win” mean to you?

Is it possible for 2 or more people to be constantly giving attention rather than “courting” attention? What does this scenario look, sound and feel like?

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September 11, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 7: “Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit.”

REVERSAL: Do the work and give others credit.


Is the book “The 48 Laws of Power” an example of this law? After all, power connoisseurs throughout history serve as the inspiration for the examples. Is not one author taking “credit” for history by accepting profit for the research?

Have you ever experienced the profit and general well-being by participating in a true collaboration?

What motives could you possibly conceive to take the credit for another’s work? What is the risk if you were discovered?

Is the work that you can do yourself less than a complete joy? If so, what needs to be uncovered to WANT to do the work?

Have you fully felt the intrinsic rewards of giving due credit to others? How might this have been a joyful experience? In what ways can you conceive of to experience even more of this joy?


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September 12, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 8: “Make other people come to you – use bait if necessary.”

REVERSAL: If people truly understood who you are and what you know, your willingness to listen would BE the only “bait” necessary. Go to others and ask deep questions.


What is irreplaceable about YOU? What are the most powerful questions you have yet to ask yourself in order to fully realize your own irreplaceability?

Is the ‘bait’ in question a temporary ‘fix’ or a permanent solution? What is behind the obsession with ‘the chase’ being more satisfying than implementing the solution?

What must be realized in order to create a mutually compatible exchange? Why must one be seen as “more important” or “more valuable” than another? What if MAKING someone come to you was not necessary if more exchanges were seen from this perspective?

Does the “bait and switch” tactic reveal a vulnerability on the part of both “buyer” and “seller”? Who is in control of this psychological game – the “buyer” or “seller”? One always wants something from the other.

What do you “have” to offer which would be considered “bait”? What would it cost you (and your ‘reputation’ – see Law #5) if you were generous with sharing this commodity? Are you skeptical that people would then see your own true worth – why or why not?

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September 13, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 9: “Win through your actions, never through argument.”

REVERSAL: Does anyone truly win when the ego is at stake? If the intention, argument or action, is intended to create dominance and superiority, then there is no “win”.


Is an argument not considered a form of action? Is it not used as a distraction while the true actions are being administered?

How are you spending your energies? To what extent is your pride on the line for any argument you choose to engage in? Are arguments even winnable?

If one chooses to argue with this, and another engages, would this not be a breaking of the 9th Law regardless of who “wins”? Therefore, it is conceivable one can win simply by engaging in an argument. What might this prove to the one seeking to break these laws?

Is “winning” relegated to the crushing of someone else’s ego? Or is it the cultivation of a “win-win”; an emotionally intelligent communication leading to collaborative action?

Is the action made with an intention to incite fear, or to inspire natural communication? Might this law actually not be one of the “darker” ones on this list?

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September 14, 2017

Greene’s Law of Power # 10: “Infection: Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky.”

REVERSAL: Your presence offers unlimited opportunities for the “unhappy and unlucky” to heal themselves – nothing more, nothing less.


Does the very act of avoidance indicate that one has accepted infection within the subconscious?

What is “luck” other than what happens when preparation meets opportunity? What potential for healing can happen when one accepts this belief?

What is the source of your happiness? How can anyone sever than connection except through manipulating your beliefs?

How can interacting with the “unhappy/unlucky” provide joy and luck to those willing to interrupt their own patterns of self-victimization? Might “infection” be caused or accelerated simply by YOUR avoidance?

What keeps someone unhappy or unlucky? Is it the self-denial that they have a choice in every moment to reframe their perceptions?

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