Origins Workshop, Part 4


Finally, take each reason and write down 3 “HOW’S” on accomplishing each WHY. Even if you must make it up, write it down – the creative process will help you create more realistic “how’s” as you move on through the 9-step journey.


Reason # 1: I want to help establish and connect with emerging leaders who understand the deep listening, collaboration, and creativity is the key to evolving the quality of life.


  • HOW # 1: Team up with Marta Reis and offer a joint venture between her VISIONALITY method and these ROGUE COUNSELOR techniques.
  • HOW # 2: Offer ideas to the local theater community with the GHOSTLIGHT CONSORTIUM. One such idea is called ROLE REVERSAL – a coaching workshop for actors who want to write and writers who want act.
  • HOW #3: Continue to write this blog, not for the act of creating perfection, but for inviting collaboration with other leaders who find these techniques and start using them.


Reason # 2: I truly want to set up a system where the economy runs on a “socially capitalistic” model; finance circulates through people and ideas rather than impersonal corporate interests. This model will financially reward others for teamwork and new ideas.


  • HOW # 1: The simple idea is that you can sell 1 million pieces of information over digital technology for $1 each.
  • HOW # 2: Small goals, instead of big ambitious ones, makes the new socially capitalistic economy work. Focus time and energy on 2 people who in turn will do the same for 2 others. This compounds on top of itself and, once duplicated 20 times, reaches 1 million people.
  • HOW # 3: It is easy to donate $20, or raise this amount by asking for small $1 or $2 donations, for providing a valuable service. The socially capitalistic model serves as both a mutual fund which is invested in individual ideas and as a profit-sharing plan which rewards the individual for investing in relationships.


Reason # 3: Reach at least 1 million people with the documentary; thereby providing the freedom to travel anywhere and share these techniques with small audiences across the country.


  • HOW # 1: Create the first 5 minutes in Philadelphia and help 2 others create 5 minutes to add onto the documentary.
  • HOW # 2: The key to this is having 2 others commit to producing 2 other segments. We all succeed together.
  • HOW # 3: The beauty of a documentary is that one can “Show” rather than “Tell”. These techniques serve as the bridge between what is brewing in the mind and creating real events. The improvisation brings emotion and action to the script which writes itself during these exercises.




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