Origins Workshop, Part 3


Now perform the “IN MY WORLD…” exercise again, this time after reviewing your 60-day goal and the 3 reasons why you want to accomplish it. I recommend doing BOTH a 5-minute improvised monologue. When you listen to the recording of your monologue, write down the ideas and feel free to revise your thoughts when you type the transcript out.

 Transcript from 3/14:

“In my world, I have visited every major city and state in the country. In my world, I have visited and connected with people in every nation in the world. In my world, everyone is a millionaire. In my world, money becomes obsolete and currency is measured by time and from sharing compassion and creativity. In my world, people make things easy on themselves because inspiring 2 others is a very attainable and enjoyable goal. In my world, people ask better questions and take the time to listen deeply. In my world, every one opens a conversation by asking a question and allowing every one present to answer. In my world, there would be someone sitting across from me listening to these words. In my world, I perform workshops with this exercise as part of my livelihood. In my world, I would dedicate 5 minutes, and a whole lot more (!), to listen to your thoughts and ideas. In my world, everyone is an essential piece to solving the puzzle of “all” problems. In my world, everyone is respected as an essential piece of the puzzle and considered irreplaceable. In my world, others do not have to fear to say anything because every thought can be reexamined and questioned.


“In my world, compassion and love is lived; not just thought about. In my world, negative emotions like fear and anger simply allow you to tell a more engaging story. In my world, politics is not a game of social manipulation but, rather, a call to understand that we are capable now of leading ourselves. In my world, collaboration is the key to successful leadership. In my world, people are learning better communication skills and connecting with each other on more profound levels. In my world, the ‘meek’ have already inherited the earth because the ‘strong’ are killing themselves over ego-centric squabbles. In my world, social capitalism redistributes wealth from the 1% elite to a new creative class which everyone has access to. In my world, the revolution is won in the mind, not with warheads or conflict. In my world, words are the great source of power when spoken out of compassion.  In my world, I experience a freedom in raising my son with compassion. In my world, I teach my son about life and humanity by taking him with me to meet and experience life with people from all over the globe. In my world, people will be treating each other differently and that THAT is the world I wish to raise my son in. In my world, every one is the source of their own power through collaboration; no one is ever isolated unless they choose to be. In my world, these words made a difference and have meaning to the one listening (reading).

“In my world, ‘my world’ makes a difference in ‘the world’, or rather more importantly ‘your world’. In my world, others see this is an act of “doing” and not “saying”. In my world, political leaders would be required to do improv games like this which would show their true character. In my world, theater is respected as a profession. In my world, these improv games are appealing to people and not scary. In my world, the fear of this game dissipates once you acknowledge your own discomfort. In my world, this game is about embracing discomfort and that is what helps others bring out their hidden gifts.

“In my world, the truth would be exposed. In my world, people would invest in other people and ideas. In my world, everyone has a say. In my world, we understand that the answers to everything are right in front of us. In my world, there are no leaders, only co-creators. In my world, the game is allowed to change. In my world, you are allowed to start a new sentence with something other than ‘In my world…” 

(…and, of course you, can do that. I chose to begin each sentence with “In my 5-minute documentary…”)

“In my 5-minute documentary, I rehearse Hamlet’s soliloquy as an example of creating your own opportunities. In my 5-minute documentary, we show ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage of creating this documentary. In my 5-minute documentary, we seriously ‘play’ in our efforts. In my 5-minute documentary, people see that the revolution truly begins when you decide to live up to your highest intentions…and take action! In my 5-minute documentary, we show scenes from the city of Philadelphia. In my 5-minute documentary, we show people learning how to create their own media. In my 5-minute documentary, we explain how your focus determines your reality. In my 5-minute documentary, someone else is truly inspired to create the next 5-minute documentary.

“In my 5-minute documentary, I show others how to make a compelling 5-minute documentary. In my 5-minute documentary, I play to only 2 people who will make their own 5-minute documentaries. In my 5-minute documentary, I use a green screen to visualize myself in all of the places I will visit. In my 5-minute documentary, everything I write in my teleplay will come true. In my 5-minute documentary, there are people having the most intense and rewarding conversations of their lives. In my 5-minute documentary, we are creating a better world because ‘the quality of life is the quality of your communication.’ In my 5-minute documentary, the first domino is toppled, sending ripples, for a massive social change. In my 5-minute documentary, it’s compelling just seeing what people do with 5-minutes and begin each sentence with ‘In my 5-minute documentary…” In my 5-minute documentary, I would only have to fill 20 more seconds! In my 5-minute documentary, every viewer will understand social-capitalism just enough to give it a try. In my 5-minute documentary, I tell the first part of a story which spawns 19 other 5-minute documentaries, which in turn, becomes 1 hour and 40 minutes, which in turn, reaches 1 million people. And…scene!”

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