Origins Workshop, Part 1


Let’s hit the ground running…

To truly begin this adventure, you must get out of your head and into your heart. This exercise allows you practice mindfulness and begin to direct your energies toward your goal. Take 5 minutes and speak out loud the first thing that comes to your mind. Begin every sentence with “In my world…” Don’t censor judge anything you have to stay; and when you get “stuck” notice your surroundings. This exercise will put you in a state of vulnerability – and that is a good thing! THIS is the call to adventure.

Monologue recorded 3/13/17: “In my world…there would be an internal dial for body heat and you would never be too hot or too cold. In my world…In my world…others would see this is an effective exercise in mindfulness. In my world, there is technique in everything – if you approach anything with mindfulness then everything will be successful in some form or another. In my world…I would…have something better to say right now. In my world, 5 minutes seems like a very long time in this moment. In my world people speak from their hearts first and analyze those thoughts later without judgment. In my world, this is an exercise in concentration, trying to think and drive at the same time. In my world, that car parked behind me would not be so close to my rear bumper, otherwise, if I had not been so mindful right now I would have hit him. In my world, I am relaxed…especially behind the wheel. In my world…this shift stick…would be automatic. In my world, I recognize that was a silly thing to say because I do drive an automatic. In my world, stick shifts would be a relic of ancient history…”

“In my world, it would not take me as long to move out of this parking spot. In my world, I have more space in general. In my world, I simply create more space in an instant because by calling attention to it I see now there is more space. In my world, I see that there is more space to work with than before I started this little monologue. In my world, the commute to work would be long as it needs to be…long enough to be enjoyable…short enough to not feel laborious. In my world, the drive to work is long enough to feel like something has been accomplished, short enough to feel as if it’s been time well spent. In my world, my new car is…the Batmobile! In my world, I have become Batman…but without the emotional bat-baggage. In my world, it’s OK to have emotional baggage. In my world, emotional “baggage” is accepted and cared for. In my world, people are accepting!”

“In my world, joy and instant manifestation are the same thing…that’s why there is only this moment and it is the best moment of your life! In my world joy is easy and natural. (Making a ‘Thurston Howell/Mr. Mackey’ voice) In my world I would not have to change my voice to increase my feelings of joy. In my world, it’s just fun to change your voice and is universally accepted. In my world, it is fun playing characters but it is more fun being yourself. In my world, all the lights turn automatically green for me. In my world…this guy driving in front of me…would be a little more mindful because he almost got in an accident just now. In my world…I would…have a magic hoodie. It would allow me to shapeshift every time the hood was up. In my world…my phone would keep the screen of this recording up so that I can see how much more time I have playing this game. In my world, it does not matter how much time has been spent! In my world, money and time is no object! In my world, time is irrelevant because the creative juices are flowing and nothing can stop this monologue of word-vomit!”

“In my world, the school bus is slowing down. In my world, I will pass this white car. In my world, headlights from oncoming traffic would not be so blinding. In my world, the eyes can adjust to the light…no matter how bright. In my world, I do not judge myself…for saying…some very weird things. Like what I just said. In my world, the glass would not fog up on the car preventing me from seeing clearly. In my world…I know…how to work the heater…so there is not so much fog on my glass. In my world, there is only a minute and twenty-seconds left to go in this monologue. In my world, I would notice that everything I said within this last minute had to do with vision and ‘seeing’ clearly…being able to ‘perceive’ clearly.

“In my world, the heater just started working a little more efficiently. In my world, things are warming up right now. In my world, I would be better at making music. In my world, I can sing and…can…imitate anyone’s voice! In my world, it would not be necessary to imitate others because we use telepathy! In my world, others respect my telepathic communication, dammit! In my world, people are not judged or looked down upon, but seen as equals. In my world, everyone is seen and respected as a piece of the puzzle…in this…grand design…called ‘Life’. In my world, people listen as much as they talk; most of the time they spend more with listening. In my world, collaboration rules and competition is seen as weak instead of strong. In my world…I only have to touch the screen on my phone…to see how much more time I have on this monologue. In my world, I am very excited because there is 5 seconds left in this exercise! In my world, I have finished and completed my 5 minutes.”


Start your own 5 minute transcript…

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