How Time Banking Makes the $1 Quadrillion GDP Possible

2021 Karmic Margin Call Project Year End Report

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Karmic Margin Call Project 2021 Year-End Report:

How Time Banking Makes the $1 Quadrillion GDP Possible

Part 1 of 12: Introduction, Values, The 6 Conversations of Pattern Integrity

Part 2 of 12: The Year-End Numbers: How many service hours were generated in 2021?

Part 3 of 12: The Appreciation Conversation and Deep Democracy

Inclusiveness: “There are no ‘Throw Away’ People.”

Part 4 of 12: The Possibility Conversation and The Bridge. Mental Health, the Arts, and Bridging Generational Gaps

Integrity: “A Passion for Transparency.”

Part 5 of 12: The Invitation Conversation, Core Fellowships, and Inquiry Clusters

Focus: “Power in Small Groups.”

Part 6 of 12: The Dissent Conversation and Collaboration

Emotional Awareness: “Collaboration > Competition”

Part 7 of 12: The Response-ability Conversation and Time Banking

Values-Driven: “Time is an Asset.”

Part 8 of 12: The Commitment Conversation and WINfinity

Progressive: “A Financial System is a Psychological and Social Construct to be Reimagined.”

Part 9 of 12: Recap of 6 Projects and Values

Part 10 of 12: What is your hour REALLY worth?

(An exploration of “Time” and the current financial system.)

Part 11 of 12: Stewardship

(An invitation to reevaluate “Time” as an asset. How do we reimagine the financial system as a psychological and social construct?)

Part 12 of 12: Questions and Closing

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