“Ninety Minutes” – Final Entry

(Mike sits in the chair Center Stage wearing the headphones and speaking into the microphone. The spotlight shines on him for the first line but returns to full lights up when “March 15, 2020” is recited.)

“It’s your move now. It’s your move.”



Michael John Shoeman

Producer/Director, 2×2: Make Art, Not War

Administrator, The Karmic Margin Call Project


(As impressive as that may sound, I am still broke and unemployed. Your support is greatly appreciated!)


(Time of piece – 10:45. Total presentation now stands at 1:29:34 from the Time Loop perspective.)


March 15, 2020


Day Eighteen: Time Travel


This is my final entry. Well, the final one for me. If you are in the audience for this piece, then I still have one more entry to offer for you.


Confused? Yes, it is confusing, isn’t it?


I just jumped ahead from Day Sixteen to Eighteen from your vantage point. But from my own perspective, I’m from “the future” to correct a great mistake I made on Day Seventeen. You’ll notice I even edited the stage directions on Day Sixteen to move this microphone and video camera so that there would be no inconsistencies when I close the Time Loop.


(During the next section Mike returns the microphone and video camera to their original locations.)


Let’s talk about Time Travel for a moment. This entire production has been an exercise in Alchemy for me: the flames of Artistry; the winds of Knowledge; the substance of Provision; and finally, the currents of Love. For this topic, I will have to revisit the Artist Quadrant because there are a lot of artistic liberties I’m taking at present.


I am confronting “The Patriarchy” just by writing these words and making them public. But ‘who’ – or ‘what’ – exactly is The Patriarchy?


Some writers labeled as “Conspiracy Theorists” pontificate that the Patriarchy is synonymous with “Father Time”. That is – Chronos, Saturn or “Satan”, who also has been associated with Lucifer. This Archetypal Being may or may not be the one being referred to when considering “The Patriarchy”. Only “the Elite” know for sure.


I will digress for a minute. At this “Time” I wish to tell a version of the “Rising Son” story.


A Tale of “Two Richards” — one named Donner and the other Lester.


Did you know there are two versions of the Superman 2 story? One was released in 1980 in movie theaters (1981 in America) which was directed by Richard Lester containing 30% of Richard Donner’s footage. The Richard Donner cut of Superman 2 was pieced together from lost footage, audition reels, and some of Lester’s cut. This version was released on DVD in 2006.



Donner had starting filming Superman 2 at the same time as Part One but was dismissed from the project after the first film’s release. Ironically enough, during the interim between filming Donner’s version and Lester’s, actor Christopher Reeve pursued another project called “Somewhere in Time”. As you will see in a moment, this real-life storyline dealt much with the topic of Time Travel and violating natural law to correct grandiose mistakes.


In the 1980 Lester Version, the three villains led by General Zod were released from the Phantom Zone when Superman hurled a nuclear weapon from the Eiffel Tower into space. This was an isolated incident separate from the first film.


In Superman 1, Kal-El made a choice to turn back time to rescue Lois Lane from Lex Luthor’s nuclear attack. In the first Superman film, Kal-El made the choice to rescue the East Coast of the country while the West Coast was destroyed. By turning back time the West Coast was restored and Lois Lane was saved. But what happened to the missile that destroyed the West Coast? The original Donner cut of Superman 2 addressed this.


In the Donner cut, Kal-El hurled the second missile into space and that is what released the villains. It was because of this direct violation of natural law — turning back time — that resulted in the “ego” being released, as represented by General Zod and his two minions.


Jor-el, Superman’s father, and Zod represent the duality expressed through the Patriarchy. Donner had completed production of Marlon Brando’s portrayal of “the Father” when dismissed from production. Brando’s scenes were also removed from the final Lester version. In the Donner cut, “the Father” took away Superman’s powers when Kal-El just wanted to be normal. In the Lester version, Superman’s mother Lara was portrayed as the one who relieved Kal-El of his powers when he wanted to live a normal life with Lois Lane. In the Donner version it was Jor-el who severed his connection to his son, the Artificial Intelligence accessible at the Fortress of Solitude, in order for Superman/Kal-El to have his powers restored and thwart the dictatorship of Zod. This was in reference to “The Father becoming the Son.”


Lester said of Donner’s version of the Superman story as “emphasizing a grandiose myth”.


Enter the Patriarchy. One grandiose myth. One which cannot distinguish between “1” and “1,000,000”.


Time is the essence of Dualism, Taoism, and what fringe thinkers would label as Illuminism. Time is the only force that separates experiences of rapture — of trauma from ecstasy, “good” from “evil”, masculine from feminine, and all of the subtle emotions in between.


So, those of you scratching your head over how Kal-El’s powers were returned after seeing the Lester version, now you know what happened. The cryptic shot of the green crystal is now explained – the Patriarchy allowed itself to see the grandiosity of its own ego, took away its own power, and then restored it with a sense of much more humility – much more humanity.


If you are reading or seeing this performance for the first time, then you are witness to my “Donner Version”, where Time Travel influences the narrative. If you happened to catch my error from “Day Seventeen” in real time during March of 2020 on Facebook, then you have gotten the “Lester Version”. If this is the case for you, then I must ask for your forgiveness of my error in judgment. It was my intention to forgive the Patriarchy for their transgressions. However, now I must ask the Patriarchy for forgiveness of my own errors.


I could write more on this topic, but hopefully we can discuss in a workshop presentation following this performance.


Back to correcting my own mistake.


I was tricked. Or rather, my conscious mind was tricked – which is very easy to do.


In the next entry titled “Day 17”, representing “The Past” from my point of view, I condemn the Patriarchy for “extorting one million dollars from each American citizen”. This is because I resonated with a meme that said one politician’s campaign spent $500 million. The meme further suggested to just invest $1 million in each US citizen.


Yes, I know $500 million divided by 1 million is only 500. And, yes, I know 500 million divided by 323.3 million citizens is only $1.54. But at the time my emotions were screaming a deeper truth at me…and it overwhelmed my logic. Common mistake for a lot of people.


When a campaign spends half a billion dollars to influence your thinking, what they are really saying is that the candidate is worth 500 million times more than you. To a competitive system where only “The Best” thrive, your thoughts are only worth $1.54. It was easy to fool my conscious mind because I do understand the exponential value of our Time. This is what I was intuiting when writing about the exploitation of social capital. This is also why from an emotional perspective everything I wrote and expressed is true, even though I fell for the sleight of hand by the egoic mind and the numerical magic trick.


I admit I was way out of line. My intention was never to condemn anyone, and I am sorry for this. My intention was always to invite others to become equal partners. In the entry to follow I state that the bravest thing I will ever do is confronting the Patriarchy…over and over again. But now I realize the bravest thing I will ever do is owning this mistake…over and over again. For as many times as I am allowed to perform this piece.


Now here I am…correcting that error. Within this realm – The Theater of the Mind, or my own Fortress of Solitude – I can do that.


And I hope you will forgive my transgression and misjudgment. One, for being deceived by the meme; and two, for violating the laws of chronological Time with this theater piece.


What I will do next is called a Clearing. I will identify and separate the Facts, Judgments, and Emotions as I confront the Patriarchy. After identifying each grievance, I will make a request of what I want for myself moving forward and what I want for the Patriarchy as we move through this very emotionally charged time in history.


Start Clearing.


Fact: $500 billion divided by 1 million is only 500.

Judgement: The story I am telling myself is that this mistake was not in vain. I spoke my truth and I will stand by that truth. I still feel the elite rulers of our world are extorting trillions of dollars’ worth of services from our society.

Emotion: A mixture of Shame and Anger. ‘Shame’ that I was so easily misled by simple meme. ‘Anger’ because I am empathizing and taking on the collective anger of 7.58 billion people who are being exploited.

What I want for me:…is to share all of the profits with people who choose to participate in this dialog directed toward solutions. What I want is for this performance to be heard with an open heart.

What I want for The Patriarchy:…is to know that I am ready to lead a “Forgiveness and Healing Brigade” if truth and disclosure is meant to be offered at this time. My wish for you is also to forgive me for my very public condemnation of your methods.


Fact: I meditated on my mistake while helping to build an Eco-Village in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I helped lay down wood chips for a path and transported a tree to a new location on the grounds.

Judgement: The story I am telling myself is that while others are practicing social distancing due to the corona virus, I am helping to build a new world behind the scenes. I believe meditating on my mistake allowed me to be humble in learning about permaculture – and things I didn’t know I didn’t know. I am becoming humble with my being “wrong”.

Emotion: Joy. Being independent or co-dependent is very constrictive. Being interdependent is a very freeing feeling.

What I want for me:..to invite my audience to become equal partners where we can listen to each other.

What I want for you, The Patriarchy: My wish for you is to internalize the pain social distancing and the procuring of the social classes has caused. My hope is that it will induce a powerful catharsis to where you can be brave enough to take ownership of your mistakes as I am now taking ownership of my mistakes.


Fact: I paid for and released an “Open Letter” on Facebook on December 26, 2020. This letter requested an open dialog centered around emotional intelligence.

Fact: As of today, March 15, Facebook analytics report that 6,331 people have been exposed to this letter with 1,500 “through plays” of the audio recording.

Fact: I had requested my letter be circulated to a specific audience with a passion for understanding mental health, spirituality, artistic expression, and activism.

Fact: Facebook analytics report 96.5% of the audience for this letter were men.

Fact: One viewer baring a Confederate Flag as a profile picture “laughed” at my post.

Fact: One viewer told me to “F* Off”.

Fact: One viewer told me to get a real job.

Fact: One viewer accused me of a socialist agenda.

Fact: For a post that reached over 6,000 people, there are only 12 reactions – only 1 is from a person I know.

Judgement: The story I am telling myself is that Facebook is a powerful tool which could free us from psychological fascism and the effects of social engineering. The story I am also telling myself is that the Facebook company has no intention of using this tool for service to others and that it continues to encourage and exploit our collective ignorance.

Emotion: Fear over Joy. I fear writing this because my assumption is that my feelings do not matter here on the online world. ‘Joy’ because I sense a vindication coming when these words are performed for a live audience.

What I want for me:…is the satisfaction of knowing I did everything I could to start the conversation about how to achieve economic equality. I am not responsible for the constraints of the online world’s limitations. I am leaving this conversation knowing that my ego is tamed, and my compassion is evident to myself.

What I want for you, The Patriarchy:…to reconsider my Open Letter and create “win-wins” for everyone using this tool for liberation instead of secrecy and compartmentalization.



End Clearing.


Now I will return to “the Present” and take full responsibility for my mistake and my condemnation of The Patriarchy. The original post will be included without any alterations. It becomes necessary for me to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances” as I conclude my performance. The “imaginary circumstance” is the illusion of a one-sided monetary system where the numbers are manufactured. The “living truthfully” is my courage expressed on “Day 17”; and revisiting my feelings of the accusation directed at the Patriarchy — for telling myself the story that they are abusing us — the working class and general population.


I hope you will accept my apology and consider yourself invited to the follow-up workshop at the conclusion of this performance. You’ve listened to me for over ninety minutes. Now I want to return the favor and listen to you. It is my hope to facilitate more non-violent communication centered around positive outcomes and the honoring of each other’s feelings.


Thank you for listening. I now return you to your regularly scheduled timeline…


(Time of piece – 14:28. Time of performance is 1:33:17 in chronological sequence. 1:44:02 from the Time Loop perspective.)



March 12, 2020


Day Seventeen: Confronting the Patriarchy


It would surprise me very much if you are able to see this post. It would surprise me even more if you are able read this entry in its entirety.


Corona-mania is running wild. The Dow dropped 2,000 points during the day. A few days ago, trading stopped altogether.


Before I share with you my message addressing the Patriarchy from December 26, 2020 (my 44th birthday) I have some thoughts I need to express first.


(During the following, Mike will pace into the Provider and Teacher’s Quadrant.)


I saved a post that a friend shared over the weekend. I don’t know if it is accurate, but it puts into perspective the effects of social engineering and how it dominates our psychology via the monetary system.


The post read that Michael Bloomberg’s campaign cost somewhere in the range of $500 million. Since there are 327 million citizens reported as living in the United States, the post proposed granting each citizen a million dollars instead of wasting those funds on a losing campaign?


And there you have it. This is the foundation of Reverse Market Mechanics.


(Update: MSN.com released an article on February 21, 2020 reading “Bloomberg smashes campaign spending record.” The amount reported was $364.3 million.)


The post I am referring was since deleted from the friend’s page and my saved files. Again, I don’t know if the final number quoted is true, but the illustration of how we are exploited for egoic purposes couldn’t be more evident. This is merely one example of the exploitation of social capital.


What is the political system other than psychological warfare? One which strives to maintain the illusion of demi-godship within our media. It is never about, nor was it ever about, stimulating the economy for anyone; but about maintaining psychological control.


Let’s talk about social capital for a moment. You are valuable beyond measure! A political system that hijacks your awareness into pointless debates over “Who Is Right”, rather than encourage you to have cooperative dialogues centered on “What Is Right”, is an exploitation of your time, intelligence and potential. Period.


One simple accounting technique would grant everyone economic freedom. (If you are reading a transcript of this presentation read that sentence again.) The conflict is not strategic – that is the illusion. The conflict is emotional.


A man like Bloomberg, who invests supposedly $500 million in an egoic quest can’t buy loyalty. It is an attempt to manipulate what is grossly large for the purposes of keeping the masses confused and disempowered. No politician, no “power broker”, is entitled under natural law to extort over a million dollars of social capital from each citizen. So, it goes both ways. We have a choice now to take back that power and reinvest our time into our loved ones, our friends, and family. The Bloomberg example is but a small glimpse; a mere drop in an infinite ocean of our rightful inheritance as Sovereign Beings.


The exploitation of social capital represents the “Competitive Model”, or what I am christening Conventional Market Mechanics. The “Cooperative Model” or Reverse Market Mechanics, focuses on the exceptionally small to exponentially quantify itself – funneling the imaginary monetary resources into individual service and education-based businesses. This is where reallocation is revealed and the hierarchy dissolve.


Simply stated: Our monetary system is an illusion. A high-tech, emotionally charged one, yes; but an illusion, nonetheless.


(Mike moves slightly toward to Artist Quadrant.)


The photo included is of my good friends Janet and Tony playing a scene from “The Wizard of Iz”. They are looking down on earth contemplating what Janet wants to accomplish in her life. In the scene she proposes that her spirit chose to understand suicidal ideation and bullying before incarnating on earth. The question posed is, “Do we choose hardship in life in order to empathize and understand on more profound levels with others?” I include this image because I have similar inquiry. From a spiritual perspective, did we choose to get in the middle of these psychological wars in order to reveal a deeper truth about dissolving the Patriarchy’s power.


So now I turn my eyes to the Patriarchy.


This will be the bravest thing I will ever do in this life. Since this is intended to become a theatrical presentation, I will relive this moment…over and over and over again…for as many times as I am meant to present this piece in its entirety. To you this may seem like a grandiose gesture. To me, it represents my reason for being here…even if I am the only one who appreciates the fullest extent of the courage needed to release these words.


(Back to Center Stage.)


After finishing reciting my letter to the Patriarchy via the Facebook administration team, I will ask what it will take to forgive them of all transgressions. Then I will ask for what I want for “them”; and what I want for “us” in final entry for “Day Eighteen”.


(He pauses a moment. Looks down, then up again.)


December 26, 2019


Dear Team Facebook,


My original post read: “On the one hand, we listen to this subconscious competitive mantra forever telling us to “Go big or go home.” On the other is this comfortingly passive scripture, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Is it any wonder that we are all going through this collective catharsis at this time in history?”


I write this letter today with genuine curiosity and wish to refrain from the tired judgments, cleverness and snarkiness. There has been enough of that. This letter is about encouraging sincerity and authenticity.


On December 21, 2019 I agreed to pay you $30 to boost my post for 5 days. I very much appreciate that to this date, December 26, 2019 that 4,391 people had seen the post and 25 had clicked on the link to view my short film and Kickstarter campaign.


I would appreciate if your team and the readers of this letter might help me understand how a boosted post received no “Likes”, reactions, shares or comments of any kind – not even the obligatory critic came out to troll! It seems plausible that, due to the somewhat cryptic nature of my last post, many readers might have been confused. However, it really stretches my boundaries of belief that no feedback of any kind was forthcoming from my hand-chosen target audience. Not even any one of the 94 members of my own Karmic Margin Call Project public page responded.


I turn now to my readers.


If you are seeing this post, it means that you have an interest in one or more of the following areas. (According to Facebook’s analytics, if you are even hearing this message, it’s a 90% chance you are male between the ages of 24-44. This was not the audience I had intended based on my carefully selected criteria, but I’m open to accepting this may be my target market – silent as they may be.) Please let me know in the comment section which category is MOST of interest to you in order to refine future messages. Providing there are no technological glitches, I will also provide a link to a press kit and short film you might find relevant and interesting.


The categories named to identify my target audience included:


Internet Activism

Youth Activism


World Mental Health Day

Quality of Life

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Performing Arts

Interpersonal Relationships

Stop Bullying


Now in good faith, and with some trepidation, I submit to paying another $30 to boost this post with the hope of sparking a deeper conversation. To date, my fund-raising campaign has only raised $36 in pledged donations out of a $50,000 “all-or-nothing” effort. This unemployed teacher and artist is now $-24 in the hole because he decided to put his faith in the Facebook brand. More importantly, he is putting his faith in the notion that people truly want honesty, a safe space to express oneself, and support with engaging in emotionally intelligent conversation.


Considering my film explores the exploitation of social capital as the root cause of war, this experience will probably be represented in the first act of “2×2: Make Art, Not War”. Please help me understand how the Facebook company wishes to be portrayed in this narrative during the second act. I recognize platforms like Facebook and Twitter may or may not be directly responsible for both right- and left-wing propaganda, but an emotionally intelligent conversation focusing on preventing future conflict may be warranted.


My hope is that you will find this letter as an opportunity to provide “win-wins” for everyone, and not as confrontational or derogatory. Your organization plays a pivotal role in the enabling or disabling, of moving toward or away from, all war efforts. Even an entry level employee plays a key role in guiding the psychological development and healing process of any interpersonal conflicts. It is these interpersonal conflicts which lead to the exploitation of social capital. My hope is that the gravity of this responsibility is recognized on your part and that my message will not be contained or quarantined and allowed to naturally circulate.


I can accept if my second boost yields the same results as I resubmit this message for your approval. I’ve now said what I’ve come to say. As I assemble a marketing team to help me analyze the data you are providing, I leave you with the same quote from my Pitch Film…


“It’s your move now. It’s your move.”



Michael John Shoeman

Producer/Director, 2×2: Make Art, Not War

Administrator, The Karmic Margin Call Project


(As impressive as that may sound, I am still a broke and unemployed. Your support is greatly appreciated!)


(Time of piece – 10:45. Total presentation now stands at 1:44:02.)




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