On Prophecy and Propaganda


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By An Anonymous Initiator



Thank you for taking the time to read this story. It is going to be a little lengthy but your patience and attention is not only greatly appreciated, but it could be the determining factor as to whether or not our collective goals can be peacefully attained. This is a story about a propaganda piece intended to create a prophecy about how and when the global elitist power regime might be replaced by more benevolent leadership. Most of the facts stated in this story are verifiably true even though the conclusions drawn have yet to be determined.




About a year and a half ago, back in September 2016, an experiment was conducted on Facebook with a small group of 50 individuals. These 50 people belonged to a group dedicated to social and spiritual change. These 50 people were self-proclaimed “Lightworkers”, “Starseeds”, “Truth Seekers”, “Spiritual People”, and those considered to be purveyors of alternative news sources. The one conducting the experiment (henceforth referred to as the “Initiator”) did so in agreement with one of the Administrators of the Facebook group, who also chose to participate in the experiment herself.




A post was generated, not unlike this story, inviting all 50 members of the group to participate in a conversation about creating “Unity”. It was believed that clarifying each individual’s personal mission and intention would naturally lead to a peaceful transference of global power from the elite billionaires of the world. It was speculated this could be accomplished by reversing the detrimental effects of the fractional reserve system by focusing on personalized services over corporate interests. Depending on the results, the Initiator promised to introduce specific instructions on how the group could use their diverse missions, skills, and talents to directly reverse the effects of the fractional reserve system. The focus group was given some guidelines to assure that no one person would dominate the conversation. These group participants were also encouraged to invite other like-minded individuals to participate into the collaboration. ***One such guideline was to ask EACH PARTICIPANT TO INVITE AND TAG 2 others to participate.*** The Initiator of the experiment disregarded “Likes” or “Reactions” to the story and rather paid close attention to who actively participated by offering thoughts, opinions, questions, and facts.



Based on this participation, the Initiator of the experiment was prepared to make a “Prophetic” conclusion, citing one of the following the results:




CONCLUSION # 1: If only 5 or less (10%) participated within a 48-hour period of the conversation’s release, then Unity was not attainable. Nothing short of an “Act of God”, catastrophe, or even an alien invasion would be able to unite the people in becoming productive enough to overcome the problems of the world. If this were to be the result then it seemed imminent that any resistance would be futile because fear, inertia and lack of trust would be far too great. After all, a conversation focused on peace must take place before it can be planned out and enacted. In short, those observing the conversation would not truly believe that they had any power to influence anything.




CONCLUSION # 2: If 6 to 10 (20%) participated within a 48-hour period then transference of power from the less than 1% of Global Elitist interests would be possible within about 10 years. The 20%, or 10 people who might participate, would be enough of an indicator that a small percentage of the global population had enough initiative and knowledge to do something tangible for improving the state of the world. The Initiator of the experiment would reason that this was enough “potential energy” to eventually tip the scales in favor of “The Other 98-99%” of the population.




CONCLUSION # 3: (11-15 participants or up to 30%) If 21-30% of the 50 people had participated, the conductor of the experiment was prepared to introduce a follow-up experiment. The follow-up experiment would be to redirect economic flow away from corporate interests and into a new, service-based economy. The Initiator estimated global changes within 5-10 years because of new technologies being introduced into the mainstream directed toward benevolent purposes in service dedicated to the many over an elite few.




CONCLUSION # 4: (16-25 or up to 50%) Estimated global changes would happen in less than 5 years. The control group would have demonstrated both the desire and initiative to collaborate with each other effectively without fear or suspicion.




CONCLUSION # 5: (26 or more – over 50%) With this result, the prophecy then states that the Earth would inevitably come significantly closer to hosting to a virtual Utopia within 5 years or less. Economic control could easily and effortlessly be transferred from a system invested in conflict toward more collaborative investments between individuals. “Get ready for a rapid change!” would be the saying were Conclusion #5 became the official outcome.




The actual results were completely unexpected: Only the Initiator of the experiment had participated in the conversation within the first 5 hours of release.




Eventually 2 of Group Administrators participated by the 6th hour.




Both the Initiator and Group Administrators had to start “pulling teeth” to solicit participation before 2 more people eventually commented between Hours 6 and 10.




By the 12th Hour one of the Administrators started receiving phone calls from other members of the Facebook group. These callers were genuinely in fear that participation in this discussion might be considered a demonstration of “national treason”.  Some believed they would be detained and possibly imprisoned if they commented. Others called the Group Administrator by phone and accused the person Initiating the experiment of being a lunatic, or possibly even a government “shill” or “mole”, whose mission it was to smoke out national traitors.




By the 13th hour, the Facebook Group Administrator pulled the plug on the experiment, called the writer and apologized to him. She was just getting too much heat over the post. The individuals in the Facebook group were either clamoring in panic or blissfully unaware that anything of potential significance was happening within this group. In the end, the experiment was shut down not by Facebook, the “Elite”, government agency, or any special interest group — but by the Anonymous Initiator’s own peers.




The end result revealed that “5 participants” successfully engaged in a dialog about changing the state of the world. Only 1 more would have been needed to reach Conclusion # 2 before the plug was pulled 35 hours prematurely.




Conclusion # 1 became the official “prophecy” based on the results and reaction of the “propaganda” piece.




However, about an hour after the plug was pulled, the Initiator checked his emails. Apparently 1 person did contribute to the conversation before the experiment was removed. Literally 1 person made the difference between the “Life Sentence” of Conclusion # 1 and of the eventual predicted liberation within 10 years promised by Conclusion # 2.



The following was the game-changing post, surprisingly written by a 60-year-old women, which only the Initiator and Group Administrators had access to reading:



“Wtf, people! Can’t you see that THIS is exactly what we have been waiting for? I am completely flabbergasted that no one else comprehends exactly what this ‘experiment’ truly is! I would have participated immediately and shared with everyone I know had I seen this 13 hours ago. WAKE THE F@(K UP! (Sorry for my language but if the last 13 hours do not demonstrate what paralyzing inertia is, then I can’t think anything that COULD BE more obvious!)”




I will repeat this experiment happened a year and a half ago which leaves 8 and half years left on the “Propaganda Clock”.



Does this time frame seem acceptable to you?



Or would the 290,000+ members of this group prefer to make a new wager on each other?



Let’s put 7 days on the clock this time. Experiment ends Monday, June 11 at 12 midnight.




Tick Tock.


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