Each day 1 word will be posted with an image like this. These will all be words which have been submitted by your friends and neighbors!  As you go through your day, be aware of today’s posted word and observe how the word influences your reality.  As the days progress you will begin to see words like “Peace”, “Oneness”, and “Ascension” included among the 26 submitted words (you might like to think if them as “Angels”). All you have to do is be open to the Life Evidence that the word ON TODAY’S POST exists in your life and wants you to notice it; the rest will unfold naturally.

Here’s how to play:

  1. All “Likes” or reactions on this main post earn the Word 1 point.
  2. All memes or quotes posted about the word earn 2 points if the “judges” deem the contribution relevant.
  3. Leaving a post describing what the Word means personally to you earns the Word 3 points.
  4. Leaving a personal account of seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing or participating with any quality of “today’s word” earns 4 points for your personal account logged on this post. (*Tagging someone while referencing your personal account will also earn the Word 5 bonus points.)
  5. Asking a question which inspires a conversation while deepening everyone’s awareness and understanding of “Today’s Word” will earn 5 points.

Participate as much as you want! Each Word gains power the more you participate. This is an online experience which encourages you to participate in Life!

If you wish to track the energy of the all of the upcoming Words, visit this link see how the story is progressing. As a Word gains momentum, it will appear more and more in the context of the story, taking on the qualities and experiences of all 26 Words submitted. “One Word” will naturally emerge to bridge the gap between realities, deepening the awareness of All. Once discovered, this One Word will be accessible within your subconscious to connect with All of us, dispersing forever the illusion that you are ever alone. This will intensify the more you choose to release into the experience of observing and creating reality. You will begin to understand how a wide (inter)net is cast to bring in a powerful life experience. This will be known as #ThePerpendicularPyramid with the emerging One Word serving as the pinnacle which will be accessible to all.

(*This is not a blog pastime meant to merely generate “Likes” or posts; it is an experiment for changing reality as we know it. Most of all — have fun! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.)





One thought on “ONE WORD – Day 21: DESTINY

  1. What is it? Destiny or Free Will? (5)
    Is it our ‘Destiny’ to figure out how to use ‘Free Will’ with our neighbors? (10)
    Are you actively using your ‘Free Will’ to create your own unique ‘Destiny’? (15)
    Your thoughts?(20)
    3 “Likes” (23)
    Using our free will causes you to have the destiny that you want it to ultimately BE. (27)
    “Yes I am-I am a business owner-all I really care about is taking care of the people that need my service and having a roof over my head. At some point things will change!” (31)
    Posts like these (degrading the Artist) no longer provoke me but I do see them as a personal challenge to step up as an Artist. (35)
    This is the collective saying that, as performing artists, we live in a “make believe world”, all of our words are “scripted” as we “play ‘dress up'” in a “safe place”. (39)
    I’d love to see the performing artist evolve, take those skills, and punch a hole in the collective consciousness with something more “real” and even dangerous. (43)
    Do you know any other artists willing to accept that challenge with me?(48)
    Now is not the time for playing to an audience of crickets. I know YOU are out there, watching and listening. Isn’t it time this monologue turned into a council? (53)
    I played Social Media Mixer but no one responded. (57)
    Is anyone out there really interested in doing something real and new? (62)
    I have ideas I would like to exchange. Do you read something like (the degrading message) and think, “What if they were able to see what I was truly capable of?” (67)
    “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!” (Quote and honest question +7 points. 72)
    The Artist has been a psychological slave long enough. I’m proposing theatrical material and technique which turns the “Artist Slave” into “Emotional Gladiator”. (76)
    There is so much emotion and creativity waiting to be unlocked but so many of us are waiting for a patron benefactor “Savior” or director to cast us. We have an opportunity, in the middle of this political and social climate, to be and contribute more; to liberate our own psyche. I’m just waiting for others to go from talking about it to doing it. (80)
    Who are you choosing to be? (85)
    What are you looking for? (90)
    How are you asking for it? (95)
    A better person. (99)
    I am choose to be The One (Oneness) to change the direction of humanity. (103)
    “I am looking for ‘somebody to love me’. ” (107)
    I am look for people who understand how encouraging and empowering just 2 others can change humanity in only 33 days. (111)
    My friend presented an 8 minute piece of music and art in response to my last question. He provided me with a beautiful experience. (115)
    How I ask: “If you had the confidence to ask 1 million people a question, what would you ask? Knowing full well 1 person in a million will have the answer (or resource), what would you ask for? (120)
    “love love love..i wanna be love,,, i ask love and love me tender love me true lol” (124)
    What if it was supposed to be a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” the entire time? (129)
    Only we hadn’t noticed because we were too involved in our own “mental chess” game with each other? (134)
    Its difficult to chase and catch life when all the attention is on the chess board and misunderstanding the real game. (138)
    6 More Likes for 2 Posts (144)
    What personally liberating thoughts and meaningful connections are you going to attempt to suppress today? (Is this thing on?) (149)


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