Each day 1 word will be posted with an image like this. These will all be words which have been submitted by your friends and neighbors!  As you go through your day, be aware of today’s posted word and observe how the word influences your reality.  As the days progress you will begin to see words like “Peace”, “Oneness”, and “Ascension” included among the 26 submitted words (you might like to think if them as “Angels”). All you have to do is be open to the Life Evidence that the word ON TODAY’S POST exists in your life and wants you to notice it; the rest will unfold naturally.

Here’s how to play:

  1. All “Likes” or reactions on this main post earn the Word 1 point.
  2. All memes or quotes posted about the word earn 2 points if the “judges” deem the contribution relevant.
  3. Leaving a post describing what the Word means personally to you earns the Word 3 points.
  4. Leaving a personal account of seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing or participating with any quality of “today’s word” earns 4 points for your personal account logged on this post. (*Tagging someone while referencing your personal account will also earn the Word 5 bonus points.)
  5. Asking a question which inspires a conversation while deepening everyone’s awareness and understanding of “Today’s Word” will earn 5 points.

Participate as much as you want! Each Word gains power the more you participate. This is an online experience which encourages you to participate in Life!

If you wish to track the energy of the all of the upcoming Words, visit this link see how the story is progressing. As a Word gains momentum, it will appear more and more in the context of the story, taking on the qualities and experiences of all 26 Words submitted. “One Word” will naturally emerge to bridge the gap between realities, deepening the awareness of All. Once discovered, this One Word will be accessible within your subconscious to connect with All of us, dispersing forever the illusion that you are ever alone. This will intensify the more you choose to release into the experience of observing and creating reality. You will begin to understand how a wide (inter)net is cast to bring in a powerful life experience. This will be known as #ThePerpendicularPyramid with the emerging One Word serving as the pinnacle which will be accessible to all.

(*This is not a blog pastime meant to merely generate “Likes” or posts; it is an experiment for changing reality as we know it. Most of all — have fun! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.)





5 thoughts on “ONE WORD – Day 20: DREAMS

  1. What is a dream to you? (5)
    Have you ever considered dreaming to be a skill? (10)
    If so, please share how practicing dreaming has helped you to grow? (15)
    A dream is existence; it can be a conscious observation or an unconscious response. (19)
    Yes, lucid “dreaming” both while “asleep” and “awake” is conscious interaction and creation of reality. (23)
    It helps me to grow in relaxing into the moment; knowing that with focus and grace the “dream” obeys my intention for forgiveness and kindness. (27)
    Today is my lucid dream (31)
    What have I done today to become the lucid dreamer of my reality? (35)
    The nucleus of your world is made up by the central question driving your life. (39)
    The central question is: “How and what do you want to create in this experience?” (44)
    She now knows her identity after interacting with this information. (48)
    What do you think this whole process has been about? (53)
    Do you know clearly see the great things you are meant for? (58)
    Is there a stronger connection to your past? (63)
    “The Matrix” is rewriting itself in response to these questions. (2 people with the same obscure name came into my space within a matter of moments.67)
    “Dreamer” came up as the word to describe me; and I’m not the only one. (71)
    So, what are the rules here? (76)
    Am I an individual person or just an expression of ‘the Borg Collective’ (a Singularity, perhaps?) known as the Internet? (81)
    Is this a podium or a conversation? (86)
    Either way, are the words posted here meant to be taken seriously or am I simply to believe we are all just pretending? (91)
    What are your ‘rules’? (Honestly, these are not rhetorical questions; I would sincerely like to know.) (96)
    “I feel as though people that the vibration is lower get aggravated with people that are feeling very happy and sure of themselves and make comments about being kind and loving.” (100)
    “Vibration” is s very kinesthetic word to describe fully relating to someone with a common experience. (104)
    “I have found just because somebody claims to be “light worker” or like-minded doesn’t mean that they are that. (108)
    “Light” worker is a very visual word to describe personal and spiritual empowerment. (112)
    “To me ‘Liightworker’ means being awakened and being full of light(true to yourself and others, being kind and living in Love. the helping others to see theirs,”(116)
    What is it all about? (121)
    “First we need to know what ‘IT’ is.” (125)
    Quite frankly, I don’t know where this is going but the mystery intrigues me. (129)
    Who wants to establish some rules and tell us what “it” is? (134)
    So what exactly is stopping us from connecting, comparing notes, and changing? (139)
    “My life has gone from being asleep and not feeling to waking up every day excited for the prospect of what is going to happen to me today. Because magic is happening all the time, and I know it will happen every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lot of things a little bit of things or one thing I can feel the magic all around me in every moment. In every person.” (143)
    So what’s your secret for enjoying life? (148)
    That faith is exponentially more powerful. You hold the building blocks of the future that others can’t see because they are looking down and you’re looking up. That’s how you guide the current and not be pulled by it. (152)
    Who really wants to KNOW? (157)
    Who wants to reboot the system? (162)
    If there were an announcement to submit your resume for becoming a part of “The New 1%” which will create a system of openness, collaboration and healing, would you apply? (167)
    (P.S. I’m serious, are you?) (172)


  2. WANTED: People from all walks a life knowing they have what it takes to change our world and the reality we live in.* (176)

    Now accepting applications to become a part of “The #New1Percent” who will change the global mindset and shift the balance of power. (180)


    1. A basic understanding of how duality consciousness divides people, keeping “The Other 1-3%” in power. A belief that 1% or more of the world’s population who believe in the following requirements, coordinating on the same page, truly does make a difference. (Most importantly, that YOU make a difference.) (184)
    2. The ability and willingness to maintain a meaningful friendship with 3 people — your sisters and brothers who share the same vision. This is an “elite” dedicated not to economic status, bloodline or escalating conflict but sustained through the quality of relationships and ideas offered to each other. (188)
    3. Using new “secret” information for the purposes of freeing the other 99% percent from psychological and spiritual slavery. (192)
    4. Transcending the need for any “Glass Ceilings”: Everyone is assumed to be a valuable piece of the puzzle and information is not meant to be hidden. A basic belief that hidden agendas only serve to reinforce psychological hierarchy and dissension will also be helpful for a potential applicant. (See Requirement #1) (196)
    5. Thinking for yourself: Deep listening skills and the ability to ask powerful questions are a MUST! (200)

    If interested in applying, please send your resume to the one posting this message. Include a short essay answering the question: “If you had an audience of 1 million people willing to listen to you, knowing at least 1 person will have the right answer; what might you be courageous enough to ask for?” (205) (It’s okay to ask for specific material resources, guidance, or even posing rhetorical questions to make us think. Just be as honest as possible in your response.) (209)

    (*All applicants who come to us in earnest will never be turned away. Someone will be in touch with you soon.) (213)


  3. 4 others asked “Where do I sign?” (20 pts = 233)
    Reflecting back over the last forty-one years, I can honestly say I never truly knew anyone; I don’t think anyone truly knew me. I’m eternally grateful to say everything is changing. (237)



    By An Anonymous Performing Artist

    Layer 1: Vice-President Elect Mike Pence is “booed” after the production of “Hamilton”. This lights up the social media. (241)
    People fight.
    This distracts us from…

    Layer 2: President Elect Donald Trump is involved with a $25 million civil lawsuit. This might cause disgrace to the office of the presidency. (244)
    People fight.
    This distracts us from…

    Layer 3: The fact that the office of the Presidency is now “One Big Show” intended to incite emotions and turn the people against each other. The lines between “Art” and “Entertainment” are blurred. Hate crimes are committed by BOTH sides of the coin. Regardless of your intellectual rationalism about why Layer 3 is not a deliberate action, please recognize that there is enough EMOTIONAL evidence to support Layer 3. (248)
    People fight.
    This distracts us from…

    Layer 4: The belief that Russia and other nations are preparing for all out nuclear war; uprisings in Britain go unnoticed and undetected by US citizens; and the same international agencies and entities responsible for drug, weapon and human (including children) trafficking are also the ones saying they are fighting it. Good people are killed for even talking about this. None of this is covered on mainstream media. Even if you don’t believe the claims of what is happening at Layer 4, there are people who will fight to their last breath to express it and THAT IS ENOUGH to incite passion! This is why both “sides” do not know how to consciously express themselves EXCEPT through the act of these hate crimes. (252)
    People fight.
    Which distracts us from…

    Layer 5: The fact that you don’t know or care about what you don’t know or care about. The fact is that YOU are responsible because you place your hopes on something outside of yourself. “The Artist” is angry because he must resort to metaphor within the “safe place” of “Art” to spark a real connection and change people’s thinking.(256)

    There are people putting their lives on the line for you and you call them “crazy” or “disturbed” or, worse yet, ignore them. And not all of them go by the moniker “Artist”. (260)

    You are responsible for displaying the compassion needed to cut through the layers. (264)

    The “Artist”, and the term applies to All, must now forgive the Self for not being able to see past one layer…until now. (268)


  5. What questions can I leave this day with to reinforce the lucid dreaming aspect of real life? (272)
    Will these words be revisited in the future as I continue to blaze this trail? (277)
    Does it matter that no one seems to be listening at this moment? Will “Time” work in my favor? (282)
    How can I use the “CLARITY EQUATION” to close out Phase 1? (287)
    I am grateful for this time I have alone and depth of understanding that comes being grateful for the opposite outcome of my own expectations. (291)
    Clarity Question: What has been revealed here at the end of this second wave? (296)
    Clarity/Speed: I have just grown the #JustAskRippleEffect by 3 levels. (300)
    20 pts for the “Likes” 5 pts for 1 Share (325)


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