Compassion Fix

You know something? I’ve decided today to take personal responsibility to do everything within my power to fix things. I don’t have a wide skill set – the only thing I’m really pretty good at is asking questions. But in order to fix things I think the best way to go about doing that is to start a compassionate conversation which includes…well…everyone. I think everyone needs to be invited because if any one is left out and not heard then needs go unmet and then the problems seem to get bigger. So…I’m going to take that leap of faith and start a conversation holding compassion and emotional intelligence as primary values. My hope is to inspire others to take action and responsibility to “fix things” as well. I’m pretty much going to ask questions, listen and invite others to join in. Anyone willing to step up and share this conversation with me? #CompassionFix

Please email me to join the conversation:

Thank you.


Round 1 MASTER.Movie_Snapshot


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