RogueCounselor.Com: The 5 Kinds of People Who Could Use a “Rogue Counselor”.

Do you want to change the world for the better? Good, so do I. Only I have no idea what I’m doing. Have you ever heard the expression “Jump out of the nest! You’ll grow wings on the way down”? Or, this is a good one inspired by trapeze artists: “Throw your heart over the bar, the rest will follow!”

Well, that’s kind of what this blog is.

I’m not a writer but I know what I want out of a conversation. In fact, this blog is not intended to be well-written but rather to inspire dialogues.

Now at first glance the blog might appear to be an excuse for me to make goofy videos and post them on a website. (Which is a big part of what it will be.) But it’s really a call for help. I want to inspire change in the world but know this can only be accomplished if you and I combine our skills; my lame “Super Powers” with your credibility.

That being said, here are the people I’m looking for and those I believe might connect with my poor attempts at becoming a super hero:

  1. You perceive that changing the world might have something to do with being a better friend to just 1 personThat’s really what this blog is all about. I want to be your friend. If you’re already my friend then I want to be a better friend to you. However I haven’t earned your friendship yet. That’s why I’m giving away my services on this blog like free life coaching, weight loss counseling, personal training strategies and my lame attempts at comedy, all in hopes you’ll want to get to know me better. I want to prove through my friendship with you that world change is possible. When you have a chance, please CLICK HERE to view this YouTube Video about the “Just Ask Ripple Effect”. It provides an opportunity to leverage friendships to inspire world change. If the video doesn’t make sense upon viewing, feel free to JUST ASK me any questions about it.

JustAskMovie (10).Movie_Snapshot

2. You simply want to get healthier and/or lose weight. These blog entries will feature a 30 day goal setting process to change your diet and exercise habits to last you a lifetime. Now, you might think my attempts to be funny and inspiring are annoying,pathetic, reeking of desperation. Ok, fine. I get that. So I will give away what most people have spent thousands of dollars for – an integrative life coaching, weight loss and personal training plan for FREE. Why? Well, it’s because if I can’t change the world I can at least help you change your health. Maybe then you’ll like me. (The Free Daily Goals will be released in 2017.)

3. You appreciate your friends giving 100%! I don’t know you yet. But I hope to prove that I want to give everything I’ve got. I write, make videos, record podcasts, etc. simply to connect with you. All of my interests and skills will find an outlet somehow in these efforts. However, this blog is pointless if you, my reader/viewer/listener, come to it with no intention; no goal. I promise that I will always give my 100% to help you learn to give 100% in whatever you want out of life. In fact, I’ll give you 500%.

I guess now is a good time to confess that I have multiple personalities which have an annoying habit of getting in front of a camera. There’s a vampire in my psyche focused on diet; a flamboyant tough guy focused on exercise; a brooding super-hero intent upon helping you find your own “super powers” to change your life; and finally, a time-traveling doctor constantly reminding me in hindsight how to be funnier. CLICK HERE for a preview of the Rogue Counselor’s One-Man Show featuring the 5 multiple personalities.

TZ Preview (4).Movie_Snapshot

4. Concepts like “Radical Listening” and “Emotional Intelligence” appeal to you. Once again, this blog is not intended to be a monologue but a dialogue with and for YOU. If you want to discuss spirituality, psychology, creativity, religion, politics, entertainment, literature or anything else on your mind as a result of participating in this interactive website, then speak up! I encourage you to use your voice to create the most meaningful conversation of your life. Just be prepared to receive deep questions back. I will practice “radical listening” causing my questions to challenge your “emotional intelligence” to grow. You life changes first by the relationship with yourself which carries out into your relationship with others.

5. You know it’s TIME NOW for you to make a difference. You know something is burning inside of you – that’s called “passion”. You know you play a role in this story – that’s called “wisdom”. I’m here to help you take your rightful place in this puzzle. I’m not trying to promote a seminar. I’m not making any money off of these efforts. Heck, I’m even remaining anonymous under the “Rogue Counselor” name.  I’m merely a Rogue. All I want to do is combine efforts with you in order to start a dialogue sparking the most meaningful conversation in history so far. Please email me, tell me about yourself and what you are in the process of accomplishing –





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