Shadow Banned

SHADOW-BANNED: A solo performance examining the stories we tell ourselves. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)   Written during the opening days of the COVID pandemic in the US, Michael Shoeman starts expressing his thoughts on Facebook while penning a one-man performance under the working title “90 Minutes”. The script includes actual dialog from online conversations examining our roles … More Shadow Banned

“Ninety Minutes” – Final Entry

(Mike sits in the chair Center Stage wearing the headphones and speaking into the microphone. The spotlight shines on him for the first line but returns to full lights up when “March 15, 2020” is recited.) “It’s your move now. It’s your move.”   Sincerely, Michael John Shoeman Producer/Director, 2×2: Make Art, Not War Administrator, … More “Ninety Minutes” – Final Entry

“Ninety Minutes” – A One-Person Working Presentation

“90 Minutes” A One-Person “Working Performance” by Michael Shoeman February 3, 2020   This is the rough first copy of an opening monologue. Please be aware that all comments or discussion generated by this post is subject to dramatic reenactment. Confrontation is not unexpected. Kindness is appreciated.   The concept for the performance of this … More “Ninety Minutes” – A One-Person Working Presentation

Open Letter

AN OPEN LETTER TO FACEBOOK AND INVITATION TO EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION (Click here to participate in the Facebook conversation.) (Audio version of the “Open Letter” available here…)   December 26, 2019   Dear Team Facebook,   My original post read: “On the one hand, we listen to this subconscious competitive mantra forever telling us to … More Open Letter

“2×2: Make Art, Not War” by The Karmic Margin Call Project (Press Kit)

PRESS RELEASE: “2×2: Make Art, Not War” Philadelphia-based documentary film promises economic equality by 2030 by teaching viewers how to “short-sell” war. “2×2: Make Art, Not War” is a Kickstarter campaign attempting to raise $50,000 to produce a documentary film teaching the viewer how to, according to producer Michael Shoeman, “Short-sell the trillions of dollars … More “2×2: Make Art, Not War” by The Karmic Margin Call Project (Press Kit)

What is the #2x2Effect ?

What is the #2x2Effect? Marianne Williamson speaks often about “deepening the conversation” and “co-creation”. This is our effort to start the conversation for co-creating an authentic democracy. The conversation is one-sided: Media often dictates the content and tone. This event helps to level out the playing field and change the national narrative. WHAT TO DO: … More What is the #2x2Effect ?