Collaboration In Action (Comprehensive Audio Study)

Over 5 hours of content delving into the Repetitive Speaking Technique, Question Circle, and Emotional Recalibration. Michael Shoeman (Coordinator of the KMCP Virtual Services Time Bank) and Marta Reis (Program Director for Strategy Innovation, LLC) present these phone conversation which represent the birth of the Karmic Margin Call Project. (*All time spent listening to these … More Collaboration In Action (Comprehensive Audio Study)

The 3 Elements for Achieving Socioeconomic Stability

Element 1: Time Banking allows for the accounting practice of “Time” spent in service to another/others. The core principle suggests that one hour of service given is worth one hour of service received – regardless of socioeconomic status of the giver or receiver. Element 2: Reverse Market Mechanics Accounting Procedures permits “Time” to be leveraged … More The 3 Elements for Achieving Socioeconomic Stability

Fellowship Presentations

Introducing the Karmic Margin Call Project Core Fellowship: Presentations facilitated by Nefertiti Rosa: The Power of “No” Weaving and Weathering, Part 1: Presentation Weaving and Weathering, Part 2: First Part of Discussion Weaving and Weathering, Part 3: Second Part of Discussion More presentations by Nefertiti Rosa – CLICK HERE. Presentations facilitated by Marta Reis: Closing … More Fellowship Presentations

Collaboration In Action (A 3-part workshop)

(For the 5 Hour Comprehensive Audio Presentation on the Repetitive Speaking Technique, Question Circle, and Emotional Recalibration, CLICK HERE.) The KMCP Core Fellowship practices 3 techniques for enhancing collaboration: Repetitive Speaking, Question Circle and Emotional Recalibration. The 6 Collaborative principles observed are: Generous Listening, Committed Speaking, Energy Awareness, Curiosity Mutuality, and Coachability. The Karmic Margin … More Collaboration In Action (A 3-part workshop)

BY THE NUMBERS: How a Second-Grade Math Problem Makes Economic Elitism Obsolete

BY THE NUMBERS (Edited 12/15/2020) How a second-grade math problem makes economic elitism obsolete. By Michael Shoeman The challenge posed to me for writing this article was about how the COVID pandemic benefitted my business. In short, it allowed me to create a Time Bank. Time Banking methodology is simple: One hour of service is … More BY THE NUMBERS: How a Second-Grade Math Problem Makes Economic Elitism Obsolete

The Rogue Counselor 2×2 Workshops

4 hours of raw footage of “The Rogue Counselor 2×2 Workshops” including: THE MOST MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION – 3 improvisation skills to deepen the connection of your partnerships. THE 21ST CENTURY HERO’S JOURNEY – How your favorite book, movie or story can help you understand the character arc of your life including the mental, emotional, and … More The Rogue Counselor 2×2 Workshops

Shadow Banned

SHADOW-BANNED: A solo performance examining the stories we tell ourselves. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)   Written during the opening days of the COVID pandemic in the US, Michael Shoeman starts expressing his thoughts on Facebook while penning a one-man performance under the working title “90 Minutes”. The script includes actual dialog from online conversations examining our roles … More Shadow Banned