About Care and Care Giving

Recorded January 14, 2021

Our conversation is produced in collaboration with the Phoenixville Area Time Bank.

A conversation about “Care” was inspired by December’s conversation on “Reuniting the Country”. Meetup group members may contact us if you wish to watch the recorded December meeting.

Our conversation will address the following questions:

What does “caregiving” mean to you?

Part 1: (Parts 2 and 3 listed below)

How do we become better, if not exceptional, caregivers?

What stories might you personally have to share if you have been a caregiver? How might you have received exceptional caregiving?

In what ways has the stress of caregiving been overwhelming during these times?

What can we do on a daily basis to cultivate a caring spirit?

Which implicit biases are you becoming aware of within yourself?

How do we change these implicit biases? What is the first step?

Part 2:

Part 3:

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