Fellowship Presentations

Introducing the Karmic Margin Call Project Core Fellowship:

Presentations facilitated by Nefertiti Rosa:

The Power of “No”

Weaving and Weathering, Part 1: Presentation

Weaving and Weathering, Part 2: First Part of Discussion

Weaving and Weathering, Part 3: Second Part of Discussion

More presentations by Nefertiti Rosa – CLICK HERE.

Presentations facilitated by Marta Reis:

Closing Out 2020, Part 1

Closing Out 2020, Part 2

Closing Out 2020, Part 3

Presentations facilitated by Parmjit Nahil:

Fellowship to Action, Part 1

Fellowship to Action, Part 2

Fellowship in Action, Part 3

Fellowship in Action, Part 4

More presentations facilitated by Parmjit Nahil – CLICK HERE.

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