Collaboration In Action (A 3-part workshop)

(For the 5 Hour Comprehensive Audio Presentation on the Repetitive Speaking Technique, Question Circle, and Emotional Recalibration, CLICK HERE.)

The KMCP Core Fellowship practices 3 techniques for enhancing collaboration: Repetitive Speaking, Question Circle and Emotional Recalibration.

The 6 Collaborative principles observed are:

Generous Listening, Committed Speaking, Energy Awareness, Curiosity Mutuality, and Coachability.

The Karmic Margin Call Project is an initiative to create an Equal Partnership Economy by way of education and service.

The three dimensions for creating economic stability and equality are Time Banking, Reverse Market Mechanic Accounting, and Collaboration/Fellowship.

Marta Reis presents the 6 Principles of Collaboration to the Core Fellowship.

To apply for membership with our time and talent exchange, please visit

To view the Reverse Market Mechanics presentation CLICK HERE.

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