(*Quotations Emphasized)


I will preference what is about to be written with quote from the musical version of the story Wicked: “I am not afraid. It is ‘The Wizard’ who should be afraid…of me.” (Quotations are mine.)




This article is a test run for experimenting with a weapon of mass ascension.


WARNING: There is enough potential energy in your mind alone waiting to neutralize the dark energy currently at work in the world.  This potential energy, once unleashed, can immediately change the direction of what we are collectively experiencing. I don’t want you to believe me in regard to this; I would rather you participate in the following simply to prove me wrong if you must. If this test proves successful then together we can begin to launch the “real thing”.


But first there are variables which need attending to…


VARIABLE 1: Collaboration over competition is how a group builds a weapon of mass ascension. (See #SomethingUndefined)


(PERSONAL POST FROM A THREAD ON OCT. 1 ABOUT COUNTERACTING THE ASSUMED DARK ENERGY OF THE MIND IMPOSED BY “THE ILLUMINATI”:) “I have been watching these conversation threads closely; listening deeply. Allow me, if you will, an opportunity to take these intentions from “knowing the path” to “walking the path” in terms of creating what we know of as “light energy”: These conversations here on the LIGHTWORKERS group have demonstrated an “interruption” (“affirmation”?) in the status quo. Would anyone be interested in taking the potential energy generated by these conversations and doing something real and immediate?


“Fair warning: To generate enough energy for a real global event requires that you come to the table in full awareness of your worth. It would also require you to shed preconceptions of how ‘enlightened’ you believe someone else to be; the ability to talk ‘with’ someone rather than ‘at’ someone. Collaboration must take precedence now over hierarchy. If such an event presented itself — an opportunity to lovingly experience what you truly wanted — would you have the courage to participate? In confronting yourself honestly, would you choose to embrace or fear such an event? Bear in mind, to be granted your deepest wish might represent the end of life as you know it.”


Sorry to burst your bubble if you had your heart set on ascending up a psychological hierarchy, but every one is already enlightened – including you. If you do not believe this than the only thing keeping you away from personal enlightenment is correcting your vision to see past your own ego-centered constructs. This will be required before considering Variable 2.


Thoughts on VARIABLE 1?


VARIABLE 2: One must take personal responsibility for “pressing the button” on the Weapon of Mass Ascension. (See #CompassionFix)


Yes, we all function as “One”; but YOU are The One which makes the difference. Even in a perceived sea of a billion faces, YOU are now called on to break the illusion that there are over seven billion tiny people living their own solitary existence. You PERSONALLY must now serve as the Angel of Justice. This is not a decision to be made from ego, but from a sense of humility.


PERSONAL POST FROM OCT. 1: “Hypothetical Question: If you had access to pushing the button for a massive “explosion” which would create a tumultuous change in the world, would you push it? Knowing this would be for the good of all, how would you feel about inadvertently shattering the many narrow belief systems which would be destroyed in the process? In all sincerity, how might you approach such a responsibility?”


The center of the world, the entire Universe really, only exists between you and the person you are collaborating with at this moment. Right now if I have your full attention then that center exists right now between “you” and “me”. If you believe this wholeheartedly, then you are within full authenticity of your power. (I would certainly use the word ‘Love’ if the connection to this word serves you more appropriately.) The center of the world is NOT Washington, Vatican City, Wall Street, London, Hollywood, etc. You must believe this when you answer someone’s question in this thread and then dig deep to ask your own new question. This is how balance is restored and a new “Global Elite” is created – not by psychological leverage through fear-based methods, but by the full awareness that you are infinite consciousness with the ability to create new realities.


Just as a Weapon of Mass “Destruction” has the ability to end countless physical lives, the Weapon of Mass “Ascension” has the ability to shatter endless limited belief systems.


Time for a “gut check”.


If you can answer honestly and with courage that you are ready to take full responsibility for pushing the button then it is time to proceed to the third variable…


VARIABLE 3: Questions serve as the nuclei for launching a Weapon of Mass Ascension. (See #JustAskRippleEffect)


Your QUESTION serves as a “Quest powered with an ‘ion'”, unlocking the latent power of the weapon. Your QUESTION is what changes reality as we know it.


Please let that sink in…


Just as a “weapon of mass destruction” relies on awakening the latent energy within physical matter generated by an almost infinite number of ions, a “Weapon of Mass Ascension” relies on awakening the latent energy of the collective mind which can only be generated by an almost infinite number of increasingly deeper “quest”-ions.


For this reason, the conversation must continue indefinitely, deepening with each question. It had once been said, “The only true Weapon of Mass Ascension is Love.” I will add that statement: Your Question channels Love and creates something tangible to neutralize the dark energies at work in the mind; of all minds. The potential energy of Love becomes kinetic when you ask your Question; that is how the blueprint of these three variables become an historical event which even the media cannot contain.


For a Weapon of Mass Ascension to change reality as we know it, YOU must contribute to the tread by focusing on the question in front of you; the last question asked at the bottom of the thread. Answer honestly and then DIG DEEP for the next question.


When you ask your Question THAT is the moment you trade inertia for movement; thought for form. Your Question demonstrates mastery of all three variables…


QUESTION FOR THE FIRST CONTRIBUTOR: What personal evidence have you already seen that reality is shifting?  What is your personal contribution for increasing the power of a Weapon of Mass Ascension?


When leaving a response to this post, I invite you to END YOUR RESPONSE WITH A QUESTION FOR THE NEXT PERSON TO ANSWER. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL AND SERVES AS THE FULCRUM OF THE EXPERIMENT. Your experience will then be vastly different than if you simply left a thought or observation without a follow up question.












  1. Yes, I would push the button.
    I’d feel ok. I’ve shattered my own narrow belief system several times and it’s done a world of good for me. Some might react differently and so I would make myself responsible for working with that person(s) until they felt like they were on steady ground again.
    What does holding on to a current belief system really gain you, what if you/we could push our own button, over and over again, recognizing that it’s no one else’s responsibility to do so, how might the world look like to you/us then?



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