Each day 1 word will be posted with an image like this. These will all be words which have been submitted by your friends and neighbors!  As you go through your day, be aware of today’s posted word and observe how the word influences your reality.  As the days progress you will begin to see words like “Peace”, “Oneness”, and “Ascension” included among the 26 submitted words (you might like to think if them as “Angels”). All you have to do is be open to the Life Evidence that the word ON TODAY’S POST exists in your life and wants you to notice it; the rest will unfold naturally.

Here’s how to play:

  1. All “Likes” or reactions on this main post earn the Word 1 point.
  2. All memes or quotes posted about the word earn 2 points if the “judges” deem the contribution relevant.
  3. Leaving a post describing what the Word means personally to you earns the Word 3 points.
  4. Leaving a personal account of seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing or participating with any quality of “today’s word” earns 4 points for your personal account logged on this post. (*Tagging someone while referencing your personal account will also earn the Word 5 bonus points.)
  5. Asking a question which inspires a conversation while deepening everyone’s awareness and understanding of “Today’s Word” will earn 5 points.

Participate as much as you want! Each Word gains power the more you participate. This is an online experience which encourages you to participate in Life!

If you wish to track the energy of the all of the upcoming Words, visit this link see how the story is progressing. As a Word gains momentum, it will appear more and more in the context of the story, taking on the qualities and experiences of all 26 Words submitted. “One Word” will naturally emerge to bridge the gap between realities, deepening the awareness of All. Once discovered, this One Word will be accessible within your subconscious to connect with All of us, dispersing forever the illusion that you are ever alone. This will intensify the more you choose to release into the experience of observing and creating reality. You will begin to understand how a wide (inter)net is cast to bring in a powerful life experience. This will be known as #ThePerpendicularPyramid with the emerging One Word serving as the pinnacle which will be accessible to all.

(*This is not a blog pastime meant to merely generate “Likes” or posts; it is an experiment for changing reality as we know it. Most of all — have fun! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.)





One thought on “ONE WORD – Day 14: RADIANCE

  1. Radiance is bringing light to the “ego reality”. (3 pts)
    Our neighbors in the UK brought radiance on 11/5. (7)
    Conversation about creating something new and sourcing a new reality. (11)
    It poses a monumental challenge to see radiance in every moment (15)
    There is radiance in the music I listen to. (19)
    Radiance is seeing the grandeur in small things and the smallness in the grand. (23)
    I don’t think the sun has shone so bright as it is this morning. (27)
    What song lyrics seem appropriate for your day today? (32)
    “All we have to see is that I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me.” (34)
    “It’s the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.” (36)
    “Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” (38)
    What do I see right now? How can I use my equation to amplify radiance at this moment? (43)
    I am grateful that people are brave to speak out and interact. (47)
    AM post brought light.(51)
    What seems to be missing here? (56)
    What is missing is the gap between knowing and have clarify of the unknown.(60)
    I know all there is is Oneness consciousness; this represents light of love shining upon the ego’s blind spots. (64)
    Radiance is revealed when healing becomes the center of your personal alter. (68)
    My coworker noticed my meditative state and asked if I was okay? (4 for the observation, 5 for the question – 77)
    My answer was “Never better”. (81)
    I am guilty of projecting my unconscious guilt onto both presidential candidates. (85)
    I will vote for the one I feel right about. (89)
    I changed the statement from “I” to “we”. (94)
    For the liberal, all the conservative signs were removed. (98)
    She never slept better in months. (102)
    “Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door will be opened.” (104)
    There is always access to mastery when you are looking. (108)
    The waters get intentionally muddy when you get close to the truth. (112)
    Someone believes the goddess Isis is awakening. (116)
    Did you know the number 7 is significant at this moment? (121)
    An insightful “not for FB conversation” became a FB conversation. (125)
    My friend’s energy body was restored. (129)
    What is keeping me from feeling absolute radiance in this moment? (134)
    The ego likes comparisons; I was very “enlightened” earlier today because I felt “connected”. However, it created an expectation of this to continue as the day went on. These were all expectations of the manifestation of truth, courage and light. (138)
    Has my radiant vibration returned now that I’ve identified this? (143)
    Yes, because the question allowed me to choose it again as it never left. (147)
    Radiance is another word for clarity; the evidence is using the equation: Truth and Gratitude IS Clarity and Acceleration. When radiant light is shining on the heart center, all perception of big and small no longer exist. (151)
    The image is 2 pts. (153)
    10 pts for the FB “Likes” (163)
    “You can do magic.” (164)
    “What a wonderful world.” (166)
    “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” (168)
    “And I feel fine.” (170)


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